The procedure for obtaining a driver's license. Application for driving license

Each driver will have to learn the orderobtaining a driving license. This procedure gives some a lot of trouble. Especially when it comes to the initial receipt of a document or its replacement in connection with the expiry of the term. What difficulties can drivers encounter? What should I remember when I issue a driver's license?

the procedure for obtaining a driver's license


Let's start with the appearance of the document. The rights (driver's license) in modern Russia are represented by a plastic card. In size, it resembles bank plastic. It stores information about the driver and driving skills.

There is an international driver's license. They are issued on the basis of the usual driver's license. Presented in the form of a small book with a photograph of the driver. Here you can see not only the data on the owner, but also the categories of driving, which he mastered earlier.


The driver's license has a certain period of validity. After its termination it is necessary to receive anew the rights.

The driver's license of the Russian Federation is valid for 10 years. International rights are issued for a maximum of 3 years.

validity of driving license

Reasons for sharing

The procedure for obtaining a driver's licenserather simple with the correct preparation for the process. It is important to remember in what circumstances the document needs to be replaced. After driving with an invalid driver's license entails a certain responsibility.

The basis for the re-issue of rights can be:

  • getting a new category of driving;
  • sudden change in appearance or health;
  • loss / theft of the document;
  • change of personal data of the owner;
  • damage to the document;
  • expiration of the paper.

Without grounds, the certificate is not exchanged. In addition, the restoration of an existing document or its replacement due to changes in the data on the driver usually gives a minimum of hassle.


An important point is the cost of providing the studied service. How much are the rights? Do I have to pay for their production?

Unfortunately yes. The cost of a driving license in 2017 is 2,000 rubles. For the rights of the international type, you must pay 1 300 rubles. You can also order paper driver's license. It will cost only 500 rubles.

These duties can be reduced by 30%. For this, the order of the document must be made through the "State services". Discount is granted until 2019.

get a driving license

Additional expenses include:

  • The cost of training (from 10 000 rubles and more);
  • the price for the medical commission (2,5-5 thousand rubles);
  • spending on the production of certain documents, certificates and photographs.

Among the mandatory costs, as it is not difficult to guess, there is only state duty. It is paid before filing an application for the production of the document.

Where to register?

The validity of the driving license is already known to us. But where exactly to order the rights?

Registration and issuance of traffic police and traffic police. In addition, since 2017 the driver's license has been issued in multifunctional centers.

If you want, you can submit an electronic application for registration or re-issue of rights. To do this, you need to use the portal "State Service".

About ordering a document step by step

The procedure for obtaining a driver's license does not require any particularly difficult actions from the applicant. Much depends on what the citizen needs - to exchange or to get the rights first.

documents for driver's license

In general, the algorithm of actions will be as follows:

  1. To pass training in driving.
  2. Pass exams.
  3. Pass a medical commission for drivers.
  4. Form a package of documents for registration of rights.
  5. Apply for a driver's license to one of the registration authorities.
  6. Pick up the ready-made rights at the appointed time.

This instruction is usually used whenthe primary receipt of a driving license. The procedure for the exchange of documents excludes the need for medical examination, training and passing exams.

Production time

How long does an application for a driver's license take? Usually the registration authorities issue the rights within 1 month. So much is the standard waiting time.

But this does not mean that the document will be readyexactly in 30 days. In some cases, you have to wait more / less. Once the paper is ready, the citizen will be informed about this, for example, by phone.

Online Application

What will be the procedure for obtaining a driver's license?certificates through the Internet? The instruction will change a little. It will be necessary to immediately take into account that citizens recently registered on the "State Services" can not submit an electronic application. After all, to use the portal will have to authenticate the account. This operation takes time. Accordingly, registration on the service will have to pass in advance.

application for driver's license

To get a driver's license with the help of "State services", you need:

  1. Login to "My Account" on
  2. Go to the block "Public services" - "STSI".
  3. Click on the item "Registration of driver's license". In the next window click on the "Get service" block.
  4. Fill out the electronic form following the prompts.
  5. Pay the state fee in the established amounts. As a rule, citizens use bank cards for this.
  6. Specify the body in which it will be convenient to pick up the document. Usually it is a question of traffic police on a residence permit and about MFC.
  7. Pick up the finished paper after the notification of the established sample comes to the "Personal Cabinet". With him, you need to take an identity card and a pre-prepared package of documents.

Done! Similarly, both the primary order of rights and the re-registration of the paper under study take place.

Collection of documentation

What documents for a driving license can come in handy? As we have already explained, there are different reasons for the re-issue of rights. In all cases, the list of documents will be different.

Let's start with the mandatory list. Under any circumstances, a citizen is required to:

  • passport;
  • document with a residence permit;
  • photos (3 pieces);
  • payment with the state duty (paid in the established sizes);
  • application for the grant of rights.

But this is not a complete list of papers. Next, we will discuss in more detail what documents for driver's license are required in this or that case.

cost of driver's license

Retraining / first receipt

If the initial registration of the driver's license is meant, then the following papers will be useful:

  • certificate with the results of the exam;
  • results of the medical commission.

The same is additionally required for retraining (+ old certificate). Sometimes it is allowed to bring an old medical certificate - if the commission was passed no more than 2 years ago.


Obtaining a duplicate of paper is much easier. As we have already stressed, in this case there is no need to train and pass a medical commission.

The procedure for obtaining a driver's license since 2017, due to the above features, is simplified to the maximum. Among the documents necessary for the exchange of rights are:

  • Old certificate (if any);
  • certificate of marriage / divorce;
  • other documents confirming the existence of grounds for the exchange of rights (extract from the registry office, for example).

Of course, all this is applied to the previously proposed list of securities. It is advisable to make copies of all documents in advance. Exceptions are checks - they must be genuine.

Not for registration

The validity of the driving license andthe basic principles of replacing this document are no longer a mystery. Some are wondering whether it is possible to obtain rights not by registration. After all, the steps listed above help to formalize the document at the place of residence.

Yes, since 2017 every citizen can applydriver's license in any city. Only have to act through the MFC. The procedure for obtaining a driver's license will require two additional certificates.


  • extracts from the traffic police on the residence permit that the applicant's document had not been withdrawn earlier;
  • temporary registration.

If these papers are not available, the registration body may refuse to accept the application of the established form.

International Rights

Now it is clear how to get a driving license in Russia. What if I need to register international rights?

driving license

They are issued after the submission of the following securities:

  • passports;
  • receipts for payment of the fee;
  • valid driver's license;
  • photos (preferably color, 3 pieces).

Without Russian rights, an international driver's license is not issued. Otherwise, there is no difference in the design of the rights of one type or another.


We studied the procedure for obtaining a driving license in 2017. All of the above principles operate throughout the whole of Russia.

More detailed information, if necessary, can be specified in the traffic police. Here it is necessary to take the requisites for payment of state duty.

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