How is the registration of a newborn

Barely born, the baby gets histhe first document is a certificate from the maternity hospital. However, in order to become a true citizen of your country, parents will need to deal with the first official documents for the child. These include a birth certificate issued in the registry office, as well as a medical policy, SNILS, and, of course, citizenship and child registration.

The requirement for registration is provided by lawsOn the grounds that the toddler is also a Russian citizen who is subject to the rules of registration at the place of residence. However, the registration of the newborn, being an obligatory measure, does not represent special work.

Register a new place of residencecitizen can be both mother and father. If the child's parents are registered in different places, then to register a newborn one of them will require a certificate issued at the place of residence of the other parent, that the child was not registered elsewhere. As a rule, employees of the passport office meet: if a certificate is requested from a remote location, it can be given to another person - the next of kin, registered at the same address.

In case parents are notowners of the dwelling, where the family lives, the registration of the newborn can be carried out without any permission from the owner of the apartment or house. Even if the apartment is rented, the fact of registration in her parents of the baby is the basis sufficient for the registration of the child. The registration of the newborn is regulated by the relevant act of the Family Code.

Of the documents required for registration, you will need:

  1. The birth certificate of the child.
  2. Passports of both parents.
  3. Statement.

In the case of custody, the registration of a newborncan be made at the place of residence of the guardian, if the parents have no baby. If the mother or father is, then the registration of the newborn is carried out at the address of the parents' registration. Therefore, you can not prescribe a newborn baby to a grandmother or aunt.

If the child is not yet 1 month old, thenthe registration can only be made to the mother. If the parents decide to register the child with their father, then the mother will need to present a statement certified by a notary.

To register the baby at the place of residence alsothe consent of the remaining family members will not be required, and the newborn's registration will be made on the square (in the apartment or room) that is owned by the child's parents. It will be required for each of the parents to be personally present when registering the registration.

Despite the fact that legal acts do notthere are any special terms for the registration of the child, there is no need to postpone the registration for a long time - newborns are also subject to the law providing for administrative liability in case of the residence of unregistered persons. The registration of the child must take place after the receipt of the birth certificate and the stamp on citizenship.

In addition, the receipt of registration is a specialevent and can become an extra reason for family joy. After all, now the child has not only the first document with the fixation of his name documented, but also a propiska, as a reflection of the inalienable right of every citizen of the Russian Federation to a full life in society. In the life of the baby there will be many other documents, however, the registration of the newborn child at the place of residence is one of the most important cases, providing proof that a new person has appeared and he already has his rights.

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