The coat of arms of Vladivostok and the flag

Each Russian city and region has its ownflag and coat of arms. As a rule, they reflect the features of the geography of a locality or region, its economic status, the availability of achievements and rich natural resources.

coat of arms of Vladivostok

Each such symbol passes mandatoryapproval of the Heraldic Council. In accordance with all the rules of heraldry and a certain symbolism of each element of the state mark, their official entry into the register is made. The coat of arms of Vladivostok was no exception. But not everyone knows how it looks and what is depicted on it.

Development of the arms

The coat of arms is a stylized shield with a central image of the most famous predator of the edge - the Ussuri tiger. The image, by the way, changed five times.

emblem of Vladivostok photo

The sketch of the city coat of arms was developed by Yu. E. Rego. According to all the canons of heraldry, in the center of the green shield was an image of a golden tiger, which rises on a silver mountain. The Ussuri tiger was depicted stylized, with its paw raised. In addition, in the upper right corner of the shield there was an image of the regional coat of arms. At the top was a stylized golden tower in the form of a small crown. Behind the shield, the anchors of gold were crisscrossed, intertwined with Alexander's ribbon. After considering the sketch, it took about two years, and the coat of arms of Vladivostok was officially approved on March 26, 1886 by Alexander III.


In Soviet times, in 1971, were introducedthe first corrections to the original image of the coat of arms. The updated version was somewhat reminiscent of the previous one, however, the sickle and hammer that were relevant at the time were added to the teeth of the top turret. At the top on the shield appeared a stylized figure with a banner. Anchoring the tape, the tape was replaced with a guards band. So the coat of arms of Vladivostok was changed. Photos of such a state mark can be found in the archives of the city and museums.

герб владивостока фото с описанием

At the time of perestroika (June 24, 1992)the image of the coat of arms was again adjusted. Since the Primorsky region ceased to exist, its mention was excluded from the city coat of arms. The stylized image of the Ussuri tiger has acquired more real outlines.

The next change in the coat of arms of Vladivostok suffered 1November 2001. Since each element carries its own meaning, the coat of arms has lost all elements that do not correspond to reality - anchors, ribbons and crowns. The heraldic description is amended concerning the position of the tiger and the raised right paw.

The final acceptance of the coat of arms

And on September 12, 2012, the arms were returned alldecorating elements - crossing anchors, ribbon and a five-headed crown in the form of a turret. However, this coat of arms was canceled because it was not approved by the Heraldic Council.

The final version of the image was adopted 25December 2014. Changes have touched both the images behind the shield and the central image of the tiger. Insignificant changes suffered the coat of arms of Vladivostok. Photos with the description prove this, in a new version, the tail of a predator is simply lowered down.

The central symbol of the emblem is the tiger, whichsymbolizes not only the fauna of the region, but also determination and courage. The yellow color present in the color range of the coat of arms is the embodiment of prosperity, and green is the abundance of nature.

emblem of Vladivostok which means

Flag of the city of Vladivostok

The flag is officially approved and adopted on September 12, 2012of the year. This is a rectangle of red color with two intersecting blue strips, passing along the diagonal of the flag. The intersection forms an inclined cross. These bands have a white border. At the intersection of the ribbons, in the center of the flag, there is the emblem of the city of the model of 2012 with the anchors, ribbons and five-domed turret decorating the "French" shield. The Vladivostok coat of arms is often located next to the flag, especially at festive events.

The colors of the flag are in harmony with the main colors of the coat of arms. And each has its own designation:

  • Red color symbolizes the courage of citizens and their courage, corresponding to the heroic status of the city.
  • White - peace, tolerance, purity of thoughts and ideas.
  • Blue symbolizes honor, high spirituality and nobility. In addition, color is a symbol of the port city.

The main character present on the characterscity, the Ussuri tiger. The terrible animal looks fierce and realistic. The final version of the city's heraldic symbols is kept in color and number of elements.

Now you know what the flag of Vladivostok looks like. What this state symbolism means, you also learned from this article.

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