Registration of visas to Finland. Do I need a visa to Finland?

Registration of visas to Finland is not a processlight, but it can not be said that it is particularly complex. Get the long-awaited "stamp" in a foreign passport really. However, for this you need to know about many nuances.

processing of visas to Finland

For tourists

Most often, visas are issued to Finland tourist type. And it's easy to get it. But to collect the documents necessary for registration, it is necessary to approach with all responsibility.

The first thing you need is an application form,which is the basis for making a visa. It can be taken either in the consulate itself, or downloaded from its official website. You must fill it carefully. One blot, an error, an indistinctly written letter - an instant refusal in the design. Please fill in the form in Latin letters.

I also need a passport. It should have two blank pages and its operation must continue for another six months after the end of the trip. It is also necessary to make medical insurance coverage of 30 000 euros. And, of course, you will need tickets in both directions, as well as a certificate of hotel booking or apartment rental.

Financial questions

Naturally, the processing of visas to FinlandIt is impossible if a potential tourist does not prove his solvency. He needs to produce an extract from the bank account, on which a certain amount will rest. The calculation should be as follows: 60 euros for each day of stay in the country. That is, when a person goes to Finland for a 10-day vacation, his card must be at least 600 euros. Better - more.

If overseas sent non-workingperson, and he does not have his own money, you will need to present a sponsorship letter. The paper, which says that the expenses for the trip were taken by certain people, + copies of their passports, as well as an explanation of the connections with these individuals. They can be parents - then everything is clear, there will be enough explanations in writing from the hand and a copy of the passports. And an extract from their accounts, of course.

working visa to Finland

Information for guests

Do I need a visa to Finland, if a person wants togo to visit your friend or relative? Necessarily, but the package of documents in this case will be different. A guest visa can be opened upon application submitted by a resident of the country. He is attached to the questionnaire. Then a person planning to go on a trip will need to present at the consulate a form, insurance policy, his passport and an invitation letter from the person to whom he intends to go.

But how to arrange it? In fact, there is no sample for the invitation letter. But it should include the names of those people who are waiting for a person to visit. Also their passport data and the purpose of the trip. Plus terms. In general, all this needs to be learned at the consulate. In the case of Germany, for example, everything is more complicated: the inviting party comes to the local consulate, draws up an invitation there, and with all the details (flesh to the index of the house where the invitations are settling their guest), seals, etc. So this the question needs to be clarified on the spot.

 Do I need a visa in Finland?

For those who want to earn extra money

Many people are lighting up the idea ofdocument, as a working visa to Finland. A considerable number of Russians are eager to go there. After all, this is a favorable country, with all the conditions for a good, progressive life. Still, besides, beautiful and cultural. But it is necessary to pass not simply through registration of the Schengen visa to Finland. Here everything will be more difficult.

So, in addition to foreign and civilpassport, you need a certificate from the workplace. The head of the enterprise must sign it. There indicate the position held by the person, as well as the amount of his salary. Two color photographs are also attached. And, of course, bank statements. The requirements are all the same - 60 euros per day. And with him, there must be a work permit or entrepreneurial activity in Finland. Before you receive it (ibid., At the consulate), you need to find a job in this country. Of course, sometimes it happens that an official invitation is sent from the Finnish company, with which the processing of visas to Finland for work becomes easier. But this happens infrequently. By the way, permission is given for a year. If a person repeatedly applies for his extension - he may even be given a residence permit.

registration of Schengen visa to Finland

For study

And, finally, about what students need that areintend to study in Finland. First - pass the exams. To do this, prospective applicants must obtain a tourist visa. After admission they are issued a student. It's quite easy to get. In the university you need to take a certificate, which says that the applicant was enrolled, and he is now a student. Some universities send this letter by mail, but more often the notice comes by e-mail. Still have to provide information about their financial condition. The account must be at least 560 euros per month. The amount is sometimes revised - if the university provides benefits, grants, etc.

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