Structure of the Federal Security Service of Russia

Any actions of security services in civilsociety are subject to mandatory regulation, namely the fixation at the legal level of all functions, rights and duties of this authority. Obviously, failure to comply with this requirement can lead to very harmful effects associated with a possible violation of freedoms and rights, as well as exceeding the authority of individuals.

The FSB in Russia has a certain legal status,which gives this structure all those rights that will enable it to perform its tasks without violating the law. At the federal level, the appointment, rights, duties, and structure of the FSB are primarily enshrined in the Constitution, federal laws and other acts acting at the federal level. In addition, the activities of this special service are regulated at the international level by certain treaties.

The status and structure of the FSC are defined incorresponding to the decree of the President, from which it follows that the special service under consideration represents a unified system of bodies that together solve the tasks of ensuring Russia's security. The bodies of the FSB are represented both at the federal level and at the level of the regions of the state, as well as in the Armed Forces and other formations.

The structure of the FSB of Russia is designed in such a way thatthe activities of this special service are managed by the President. At the same time, the management is carried out at the federal level through the head of the executive body, who is appointed to this position and is released from it by a presidential decree.

The FSB is directlyDirector, whose powers are regulated in the Regulations on the FSC (item 11). According to his official status, he is equated with the Russian minister at the federal level. The title of "general of the army" corresponds to the position he holds.

The structure of the FSB implies the presence of specialized units:

- at the federal level - the executive authority in the field of security;

- departments and administrations of this body for individual subjects of Russia;

- Special departments and administrations of the executive authority in the field of security in the Armed Forces and their governing bodies, as well as in individual military formations.

The listed bodies form the basis of the FSB. The structure, in addition to the subdivisions listed, includes:

- Border authorities;

- aviation units;

- other security authorities.

Do not forget about the enterprises of the specialappointment, military-medical, expert, educational, scientific and military-building institutions. The structure of the FSB includes a large number of categories of the above objects.

As for the territorial bodies, herethe same trend persists as at the federal level. All territorial bodies that directly subordinate to a regional executive authority and are connected with Russia's security issues are included in the structure of the FSB.

In conclusion, we note that in the structure of the FSBIt is forbidden to create units pursuing any political goals. In addition, the law prohibits the creation of any units that are not defined in the current regulatory framework. All the activities of the FSB are aimed at ensuring and preserving the security of the state, the individual and society. At the same time, this special service is part of the Russian Federation's forces for comprehensive security of our country. The system of bodies that is part of the FSB is specified in Article 2 of the federal law "On the bodies of the FSB."

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