How is the change of name? Documents required for registration

To change the surname, the reasons can be practicallyany. The most common, of course, is marriage. According to statistics, 80% of brides at the time of marriage prefer to take the surname of the spouse.

What documents are needed to change the name
Some want to change their own not too mucha harmonious surname (for example, Svinkin, Rylov, Fools, etc.). The law does not determine the range of reasons why a change of surname is possible. Any citizen of the Russian Federation who has reached the age of 18 gets the right to change his name on his own initiative, but has reached the age of 14 years with the consent of both parents (trustees).

Change of surname, documents for exchange

First of all, it is necessary to determine whichdocuments to change when changing names. Substitutions require almost all documents in which your surname is indicated, but it is better to divide the main list and a list of less important documents. The main ones are: passport, health insurance policy, SNILS, TIN. A secondary list includes a passport, credit cards, driver's license, etc.


What documents to change when changing the surname
Passport is the main document, it is changed first of all, when the name changes. Documents to be presented at the passport office:

  • application for the change of name;
  • the original of the old passport;
  • receipt of payment of state duty;
  • photo (4pcs.).

You must pay the state fee in advance, just liketake photos. Sometimes photos can be made right at the passport office, but if you do not know this, you better prepare. In the rest everything is very simple, it is necessary to fill out the application and hand over all the documents. Replace the passport you are required for 10 days, sometimes the time can increase to 30 days, but no more.


Further, it is necessary to replace the SNOWS, since it canit is required to prepare a medical certificate. Special difficulties in the exchange of pension certificates will not arise. If you work, you just need to hand over the old SNILS to the personnel department for an exchange. The employing organization is obligated to deal with the exchange of your certificate. If you do not work, then apply to the RF pension fund, fill out the application for certificate exchange, carry a new passport (and its photocopy) and the old SNILS and a marriage certificate (and a photocopy) with you.

Compulsory medical insurance policy

Change of name of documents

Must replace health insurance policy, if a change of name occurred. Documents that need to be presented to your insurance company: a passport with a new surname, an old policy, a marriage certificate. You are required to issue a provisional policy and tell when the new one is ready.


The TIN is another important document thatExchange is subject to change if the name is changed. Documents to be submitted to the tax inspection: a passport with a new surname, an old TIN and a copy of the marriage certificate (the original should be kept with you). Will only fill out the application on the model and wait one week.

Identify which documents are needed for the shiftSurnames, in addition to the basic, can be depending on your plans. For example, a driver's license is not subject to mandatory exchange, but then it is always necessary to carry a certificate of marriage in the car. Passport is subject to exchange only if you plan to travel abroad while your old passport is valid. Credit cards are exchanged if they are registered and you use them constantly, conduct transactions through the bank.

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