More details on what documents are needed to sell an apartment

How to get ready to sell your home orapartments? You can do it yourself. It is enough to know what documents are needed to sell an apartment. Our article will help us to have a full idea of ​​this. So, the list of necessary can be divided into two parts. The first - the documents that are directly from each owner. The second - those that will need to be obtained in various institutions.

Legal documents

They are also called ODPs. In addition to the passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation (this is the first mandatory document in our list), the owner of an apartment for sale must have a certificate of ownership of the dwelling. It is issued by the Registration Chamber at the place of residence of the owner (or at the location of the property, if they differ).

Even the right to property can be consideredcertificate of inheritance, if the apartment or house is inherited. By the way, it is necessary to issue such a certificate within six months from the date of death of the testator. Otherwise, it will be necessary to restore ownership only through the court. If you are planning to sell hereditary housing, a notary may at the same time tell you which documents for selling an apartment you will need.

In case the sale of the apartment will benot the owner, the seller acting as a seller will need a notarized general power of attorney with the right to sell. If the right of sale in the power of attorney is not reflected, the sales transaction will be considered invalid, so be careful when applying to the notary office. Additional nuance: if the property is joint, a power of attorney will be required from both the second (third and so on) owner and his consent to the sale.

Additional documents required for the sale of an apartment

To collect this part of our list,resemble the authorities. Of course, only if you decide on personal experience to find out what documents are needed to sell the apartment. We begin with BTI (Bureau of Technical Inventory). Her employees are aware of what documents are needed to sell the apartment. In this office you have to issue cadastral and technical passports of the object of sale. It is better to take these documents immediately before the transaction, because they have a limited period of validity and then they will need to be updated.

Then we go to ZhEK, and more specifically, to the passport officeDepartment. Here we get the so-called apartment card (the list of all registered on this housing estate) and a certificate of absence of arrears on the rent. These references also have a certain period of validity, so it is better not to take them too early in advance of the sale, they will be invalid. What documents are needed to sell the apartment, you have almost prepared. But there are several clarifications.

It is important to know everyone

If the apartment is put up for sale,registered underage children, you will have to take care of another document. This consent of the guardianship authorities for sale. It is issued only if you provide proof of the place of future registration of the child. Without the permission of the guardianship authorities, you will not be able to register a transaction in the registration chamber and issue a sales contract.

If, after reading the article, you decide to contactreal estate agency, you, in principle, already know enough about what documents are needed to sell the apartment, and the list will not be unexpected and cumbersome surprise for you. Just be careful, check the reputation and recommendations of a realtor in order not to trust unreliable people with important documents and not get into trouble with scammers.

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