What documents for divorce are necessary to collect, if you are determined to divorce

On the day when the wedding bells ring, none of theyoung spouses and does not think that they may be unhappy in this marriage. This seems simply impossible, because they are happy, and they are so well together. But there is very little time, and one of them understands that their further life together is impossible. Of course, it's good when both come to this conclusion, but life is not an easy thing, and situations are different. But if you decided to dissolve a marriage, then you need to know certain things.

documents for divorce

First, there are two ways toget rid of marriage chains. If both spouses are not against parting, and they do not have children and property disputes, then their decision is made in the registry office. To do this, the couple come together, write an application for divorce and bring documents for divorce. But this option is possible only when both husband and wife are ready to come together. And what if one of the spouses is missing? For example, he is seriously ill and is in hospital or has left on a long business trip. But at the same time, the spouses do not have children and property that needs to be divided. In this case, the law allows the filing of separate applications, but the signature of a person who does not appear in the registry office must be notarized. The application can also be filed by one of the spouses in cases where the other is found incompetent, missing or sentenced for a long time. You can confirm this through the court. In other words, there is nothing complicated in collecting documents for divorce.

documents for divorce in the registry office

If one of the spouses is against the divorce, or the family has underage children, or the couple has not reached an agreement on property issues, then divorce will have to be through the court.

If you have reached agreement, or your relationshipare regulated by the marriage contract, which neither party tries to challenge, then you must go to the registry office together and write a statement on the dissolution of the marriage. Also you must collect documents for divorce in the registry office. They include: spouses' passports, marriage certificate and a receipt that you paid the state fee. A month after the adoption of the application, a divorce will be issued.

documents for divorce through court

If you failed to reach an understanding withyour second half, then you have to file a divorce through the court. This procedure takes longer. To begin with, you will have to write a statement of claim stating the reasons for the divorce and the circumstances of the case, as well as attach all the necessary documents for divorce through the court. The most frequent are disputes about with whom the child will live, or about the division of property. You must state such questions in the statement of claim and attach evidence. For example, if the issue of a child is being resolved, the court is entitled to demand other documents for divorce, for example, confirming the income claimed by you and the possibility of keeping a minor. There are situations in which the husband decides to divorce when his wife is in position. Leaving aside the moral side of the issue, it is worth saying that in this case the husband will still have to go to court, even though the child is not yet. When submitting documents for divorce, it is necessary to attach to them the consent received from the spouse. And of course, the court will decide the issue with alimony.

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