How long does maternity leave last? How to apply for maternity leave?

With the news of pregnancy, the futureMom gets new worries and questions. So, in addition to preparing for the long-awaited event, the woman thinks about how everything will affect her work. In this article we will talk about how long the maternity leave lasts. You will find out the specifics of calculating this time interval. Also it is necessary to tell, how the usual and academic holiday on pregnancy is issued.

how long does maternity leave last

What is a decree?

In our legal legislation there is no suchconcepts like a decree (maternity leave). Every woman who is preparing to become a mother, the state provides a time interval for childbirth. In accounting practice, it is called a hospital. A rest is provided depending on many factors.

Immediately after graduation, the woman has the rightgo on leave to care for the child. At the same time, it is necessary to submit the necessary documents to the employer. For this time students may be granted academic leave for pregnancy and childbirth at will.

Duration of hospital

How long does maternity leave last? There is no unambiguous answer to this question. It all depends on the number of children expected and the region in which the woman lives. Also maternity leave for pregnancy can be prolonged with complicated childbirth or premature appearance of the baby. All this is accounted for in the accounting department and is recalculated if necessary. Let's consider the basic legal norms which speak about how much the holiday on pregnancy and sorts lasts.

  • If the pregnancy had no complications, and the woman expects a single baby, then she is provided for rest 70 days before childbirth and as much after them.
  • In case of multiple pregnancies (when the number of children expected is two or more), the future mother goes to the hospital for 84 days before the birth and has the right to rest for 110 days after them.
  • When the baby was born with complications(caesarean section, repeated scraping and so on), the rest time is 156 days. When one child appears, this period is divided into 70 days before delivery and 86 after.
  • In case of preterm delivery the hospital starts from the moment the baby is born and continues for another 156 days.

How long does maternity leave last, if a woman lives in an unfavorable area? Legislation in this case establishes a period of 160 days.

academic maternity leave

Next vacation after childbirth

Immediately after the birth of the baby the woman has the righton the use of parental leave. Some call it another. However, the state documents say that you can not leave one vacation in another. That is why before the birth of the baby and immediately after this event the woman is recognized as not working and is on sick leave.

If desired, this leave (to care for the child)any family member can use. Most often it is necessary in cases when the mother does not have the opportunity to take care of the baby on her own. A rest for up to three years is provided. At the same time, the state pays for the first one and a half years with a monthly allowance.

If a woman has an unused regularleave, then she can take it immediately before leaving for the hospital. In this case it is necessary to draw up an appropriate application in the name of your employer.

next vacation after childbirth

How to apply for maternity leave?

You now know how long a vacation lastspregnancy in different cases. However, many mothers are wondering how to properly design it. To do this, you need to collect certain documents and make an application for maternity leave.

  1. First you need to wait for a certain period andget a sick leave. This document is issued to every future mother in the institution where she is registered in pregnancy. If a woman does not apply to the doctors throughout the term, she should still be provided with a sheet on incapacity for work in any public hospital.
  2. After receiving the hospital it is necessary to writestatement. His header indicates the employer's data and information about the place where the future mother is working. After that, the main form is filled in, where the woman asks for a maternity leave at a certain time.
  3. All copies of the documents are accompanied by copies of the passport and work record book. However, some firms do not require the implementation of this item and make out everything themselves.

After collecting all necessary forms,turn to the accounting department and return documents there. In the special book of orders, the period for which the woman is recognized as incapacitated is specified and the date of withdrawal from the leave is specified. After that, the expectant mother should check all the data and sign the necessary papers.

application for maternity leave

How to apply for a vacation after the birth of a child?

Calculation of maternity leave is mademedical institution issuing a sick leave. However, after it is completed, a woman has the right not to go to work. In this case, she needs to make a statement. It must be accompanied by a birth certificate for the baby (or toddlers).

It is worth recalling that such a holiday is notis provided automatically. If a woman has not written the required application, her absence from the workplace can be regarded as a truancy. That is why every future mother should know her rights and responsibilities.

calculation of maternity leave

Summing up, or Small conclusion

You now know how to make outmaternity leave. If you have never dealt with these standards before, you should contact the accountant. The specialist will tell you all the rules and help you draw up the necessary documents.

Some women from one care leavethe child goes to another. In this case, the segments for rest share the same hospital sheet for pregnancy and childbirth. With this outcome, it is worthwhile to make a separate calculation and withdraw the statutory days for the holidays.

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