Social housing. Advantages and disadvantages

In our country the problem of our ownliving space and a category such as social housing, has always stood quite sharply. In recent years, one can observe a trend such as de-privatization of housing. What are the benefits and benefits of social housing? Do I need to transfer it into ownership?

social housing
To get answers to these questions, you need toclearly understand what constitutes social housing and what duties the employer imposes on the social employment contract. Social housing is a living space provided to a citizen as a place to live. The right of ownership of such property belongs to the state. An apartment in state or municipal ownership can not be sold or donated. Housing of this category is not included in the composition of inherited property, and the contract of social hiring, according to which a citizen is entitled to live in that area, can be terminated for a number of reasons.

privatization of social housing
The right of the owner gives onlyprivatization of social housing. However, it is necessary to take into account the fact that this right will entail a number of duties of the owner of the living space. In addition to the cost of maintaining the apartment and the need for an annual payment of property tax, the owner's shoulders include all the costs of replacing communications that are out of order, as well as the ongoing and major repairs of the house itself and the surrounding areas.

Unlike private property, socialhousing is able to bring its owner quite tangible benefits. With the exception of tax obligations, the borrower can count on the free installation of water meters in the public apartment, the overhaul of the common areas. In the light of programs aimed at restoring the housing stock at the expense of the owners of premises, such benefits can become quite tangible savings. Of course, these are single-time benefits, but they nevertheless exist.

social housing
If the desire to transfer a social apartment inthe category of personal property is the main goal, then it can be made free of charge today. If a citizen has not yet acted as a person who participated in privatization, then it is enough for him to file an application for privatization, to obtain consent or refusal to privatize the remaining people registered in this area, to collect the necessary certificates and supporting documents, to pay a duty and become a full owner. Note that privatization is not subject to hostels, structures in an emergency condition or equivalent to their homes, office flats and apartments in the territories of closed military towns, as well as a number of other living quarters.

Contrary to popular belief, social housingpremises is not an original Russian find. State programs aimed at providing citizens with affordable square meters exist in most civilized countries. And there no one specifically wants to acquire it into private property. The rent of social housing allows you to easily change your place of residence with the improvement / deterioration of material well-being, family composition changes and a number of other circumstances. Abroad rental housing is a very common and profitable practice.

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