Refunds for goods: opportunities, deadlines and step-by-step instructions

Happens, you are going to buy something. Long chose, asked, questioned and now, they decided. They paid money, brought the goods home ... and found a marriage! Common situation? Surely such a nuisance happened to everyone at least once in a lifetime. But what is to be done now, to give the seller already paid money? Someone will do so, but only if it is a question of small amounts. In the case of more or less expensive purchases, the buyer fairly expects a refund for the goods or for the exchange of it for a new, proper quality. Fortunately, the law in this case takes the buyer's side and provides for a number of cases in which he can easily return the products.

When you return money for goods

The law provides for a refund for quality goods. However, this can only be done if four conditions are met:

  • The products did not fit you according to the style, size, configuration, size and color;
  • in the store there is no proper quality of goods, to which you can replace the person who has not come to you;
  • goods are not included in the list of quality goods that can not be exchanged;
  • from the date of purchase has passed no more than fifteen days.

If it is a question of defective products, the buyer has the choice of the following actions:

  • refund of money for goods of inadequate quality;
  • replacement of goods;
  • repair at the seller's expense;
  • repair at the expense of the buyer, but with reimbursement by the seller.

In case the products were under repair 30days in a row or 45 days by total accounting, and also if there is a repeated breakdown after repair, the buyer also has the right to refuse defective products and demand a refund.

When you can not get the money back

It is impossible to get a refund for the goods in the following cases:

  • marriage arose through the fault of the buyer;
  • the goods are technically complex, and more than fifteen days have elapsed since the date of the purchase;
  • the buyer did not retain the documents and did not find two witnesses confirming the fact of purchase.

Terms of return of goods

If the buyer prefers to return the spentmeans, defective products, he will have to leave the seller. The return of money for the goods is possible during the whole of its warranty period. The exception is technically complex tools that can be delivered to the store when a marriage is detected only in the first fifteen days from the purchase. The complete list of these goods is approved in 2011 and includes:

  • aircrafts;
  • intended for movement on public roads vehicles;
  • agricultural equipment;
  • means, intended for movement on snow (snowmobiles);
  • floating facilities;
  • computers, laptops, calculators, printers, televisions, digital cameras, video cameras;
  • refrigerators, water heaters, cookers, washing machines, ovens, air conditioners, dishwashers;
  • gaming consoles;
  • sets of satellite television;
  • wireless communication and navigation equipment.

How to get a refund for the goods: step-by-step instruction

It's no secret that sellers do not particularly like to returnmoney for marriage, and more often insist on repair or exchange. However, you must be firmly sure: if you do not wish to have more business with this product, and want to return your money, you have the right to this confirmed by law! How should one proceed, not to waste time and, most importantly, nerves:

1. Write an application for cancellation of the contract of sale / purchase, where briefly describe what goods, when you were bought, when and under what circumstances the marriage was discovered and what it is. Put date and signature. The application must be in duplicate.

2. Attach copies of the warranty card and receipt to the application (you still need the originals).

3. If documents confirming the fact of purchase have not been preserved, you should indicate in the application witnesses who can confirm that the defective products were actually bought by you. Specify their surnames, names, patronymics, passport data and signatures.

4. Contact the seller of the trading floor or the manager and make sure that he signs on one of the applications (leave this copy to himself), confirming that he has been acquainted with the application. The second copy remains with the seller.

5. The application can also be sent by a valuable postal item, in this case on the second copy you will have a postal seal.

6. If the seller flatly refuses to accept the application, remind him that the right to refund money for poor-quality goods is established by Federal Law No. 2300-1 "On Protection of Consumer Rights". Not bad, if you have your printed version with you.

7. If in this case the defective products are not accepted, ask the representative of the seller to repeat his refusal to the recorder or video camera or write an official refusal. And feel free to contact the Consumer Rights Protection Board or directly to the court.

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