Cadastral value of land. What do we need to know?

The cadastral value of land is determinedcalculated way, which takes into account its intended purpose and estimated value. In our country, a map has been created that reflects all types of land. In it the cadastral value of the land is also painted. And the card is also available in digital form. The portal, owned by Rosnedvizhimost, published the cadastral value of land in various regions, and these data can be obtained by anyone who needs it.

Cadastral value of land

Sixty-sixth article of the RF Code on Landissues fixes this right in relation to municipal and federal lands. Therefore, going to the portal, anyone can find out, for example, what the cadastral value of land in the Moscow region. This may be necessary when making transactions for the redemption of plots, when you need to calculate the amount of taxation. So, for example, the specified cadastral value of land in the Leningrad region or any other, according to the sixty-fifth article of the Land Code allows you to buy all the necessary calculations for the transaction when buying out the land. Cadastral number is nowhere repeated. It is individual and belongs to a certain territory. The cadastral value of land is largely determined by the value of this number.

Cadastral value of land in the Leningrad region

So, if the site is allocated for settlement andindividual housing construction (IZhS), then the erection of a house on it is desirable, and the owner can even be fined if he does not. Territories registered as plots for the economic needs of citizens are allotted for the purpose of growing fodder for livestock, vegetables and fruits for the family. Here too it is allowed to build a dwelling house, although this is not mandatory. The country plots are the most democratic. If desired, a person can build a house and even live in it, having registered permanently, or simply coming here for a weekend and growing agricultural crops under the open sky.

Garden lands are designed for recreation andoblige the planting of trees and bushes, and also allow, at the owner's discretion, housing construction. According to the latest data, today it is allowed even to register in the garden houses, if they are located within the boundaries of a settlement, but this is yet to be obtained through the court, proving that the conditions there are appropriate. The cadastral value of the land for garden purposes is determined precisely by the possibilities of the territories on which agricultural crops will be grown, and no construction is allowed here.

Cadastral value of land in the Moscow region

According to the laws in force, to unite the lands of differenttarget destination is not allowed. The cadastral chamber will only consider the merger of two equivalent plots. Of course, it is theoretically possible to seek and change the category of ownership of a site from one to another, but this is a very complex and thorny path, which is decided at the level of the government of the region. Walking through the authorities will be very painful. If the realtor convinces you that it is easy to change the category assignment, then ask him to do it first, and then sell it.

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