Help from a psychiatrist for a driver's license: how to get and why?

Pass a medical examination is an important conditionfor obtaining a driving license. Results should be provided along with a list of other documents in the SAI. It is convenient, that for today to receive the certificate from the psychiatrist for a driving license it is possible both in the state institution, and in the private. However, the main condition for this is the availability of a license and permission to conduct such activities.

A certificate from a psychiatrist for a driver's license, by the way, is issued not only to citizens of his country, but also to non-residents. In the absence of the same document, the driver is in serious trouble.

certificate from a psychiatrist for a driver's license

What for the medical help is necessary?

Get a medical certificate is the maincondition for obtaining rights. Without it, you can not actually get behind the wheel. Even in an ordinary driving school without this document will not be accepted. Usually, medical assistance must be provided in such cases:

  • when the driving license is lost or damaged;
  • if you are in an accident;
  • When the driver's license must be reissued in case of a change of surname.

The named medical school confirms absencecontraindications, which directly affect the management of the car. A certificate from a psychiatrist for a driver's license is necessary for those persons whose actions may endanger the lives of others.

Why is a certificate from a psychiatrist mandatory?

To date, the driver can freelyUse the vehicle only when it completely passes the medical commission. By the way, the list of requirements is quite extensive, but the traffic police pay much attention to the form with a mark of passing a psychiatrist and an expert in narcology.

The doctor-psychiatrist uses special techniques when examining the driver. According to them, the doctor makes a conclusion about the degree of adequacy of the individual, and also checks for any mental abnormalities.

The doctor-narcologist should necessarily spendstudy of the biomaterial to identify the content of traces of drugs in the blood. And so that the tests are not false positive, a few days before their surrender it is necessary to undergo special training.

get a certificate from a psychiatrist for a driver's license

Those citizens who are registered in theneurological or narcological dispensary, such a certificate will not be received. In the case of removal from the register in the patient's medical service, there must be a description of the history of a mental disorder or a disease of drug dependence.

What doctors need to pass

At the legislative level, the list of specialists is fixed, the conclusion of which is required by the driver:

  • otolaryngologist;
  • surgeon;
  • oculist;
  • the neuropathologist;
  • psychiatrist, narcologist;
  • therapist.

If a woman gets a driver's license,then she also needs to go through a gynecologist. By the way, first of all, you need to sign your certificate for a driver's license, a narcologist and a psychiatrist. After that, you can pass and other doctors.

certificate for driver's license, narcologist and psychiatrist

One nuance: the passage of medical commission is not free. And the cost fluctuates in different institutions, so you have to worry and find out the price in advance.

How much is a certificate from a psychiatrist for a driver's license?

It should be noted that the cost of the saiddocument directly depends on a number of external factors. So, for example, there are different nuances that include the type of rights that the driver seeks to get, and other points.

It is important that a certificate from a psychiatrist for drivingrights must be done in the region in which you live and are registered, because it will be enough just to receive confirmation that the citizen is not registered with this doctor.

If you need, for example, a certificate frompsychiatrist for a driver's license in Chelyabinsk, then the medical examination can be performed at the specialized medical center "Narcomed Plus". Detailed information can be found on the site of this center.

certificate from a psychiatrist for a driver's license in Chelyabinsk

The average price of the certificate is 500 rubles, but sometimes it can reach 2,000 rubles. The cost index is influenced by the region of residence and additional factors.

What documents are needed to obtain a medical certificate for the driver

There is a specific list of documents that should be provided in order to get the driver a medical certificate. They include:

  • the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation;
  • driver's license (if available);
  • military ticket (postscript);
  • a medical card;
  • 2 photos, size 3 x 4 cm

In which cases may not issue a certificate

An obstacle for issuing a certificate can serve as a number of existing diseases. As a rule, these include the following pathologies:

  • absence of upper or lower extremities or disruption of their work;
  • Thyroid gland diseases;
  • problems with hearing or vision;
  • hypertension;
  • mental illness;
  • alcoholism or drug addiction.

For how long is the medical care for drivers

According to the current legislation of the Russian Federation, the validity period of the driver's medical service is also provided:

  • 3 years for men under 55 years and for women up to 50 years;
  • 1 year for men over 55 years of age and for women over 50;
  • 1 year for drivers who have health problems.

As we have already said, you should undergo a physical examinationonly in those clinics that have a license. Often, psychiatrists and narcologists in private clinics do not have special licensing for medical witnessing. Be careful!

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