What documents are needed to buy an apartment in order not to become a victim of scammers

Buying an apartment, you always risk, because you can lose money and ownership. To prevent this from happening, let's talk about the documents needed to buy an apartment.

what documents are needed to buy an apartment
By law, you are entitled to an extract fromRosreestra concerning the state of any real estate. You need to make sure that the seller has ownership of the apartment, and she is not burdened by law.

The extract is received in the Federal Servicestate registration. For this you can personally visit the local department of Rosreestr, send a request by mail or via the Internet. Receipt of an extract through the Rosreestr portal is possible only if there is an electronic digital signature.

Extract is not free. Not so long ago it cost two hundred rubles for citizens and six hundred rubles for organizations.

what documents to buy an apartment
Having received an extract from Rosreestr, you immediately understand what documents you need for purchasing an apartment, or you will completely refuse to purchase this property.

In the paper, which you will receive from Rosreestr, you will find: conditional apartment number, purpose (residential object), area, address, names of owners of property rights, data on restrictions on transactions with this real estate and people in favor of whom these restrictions are established, legal claims on the apartment, information on judicial claims. If the apartment was purchased under an agreement on equity participation, the extract should contain the relevant registration data.

You are eligible for an extract that does not includerestrictions (encumbrances), judicial claims and legal claims. Also pay attention to the data of the owners of the property right. What documents are needed to buy an apartment, if it has several owners, will prompt common sense. First of all, ask the seller where the other persons listed on the statement are. If a citizen is entrusted to represent their interests in a transaction, he must present the relevant papers certified by a notary.

Often it happens that the real master indeparture, and his apartment is sold by scammers. To avoid this, write down what documents are needed. To purchase an apartment you have to make sure that you have its owner. It will require his passport. It should be only the original. Do not believe, if they tell you that the passport is lost, now it is being restored or the document is with relatives. It is desirable that the address of residence in the passport coincides with the address of the apartment. Together with the passport, the witness must present a certificate from the place of residence. You should note that the certificate is valid for only ten days.

what documents are needed to buy an apartment
The seller must show evidence ofstate registration of law, and you must receive a copy of this certificate. Make sure that the certificate of registration is issued legally. To do this, you are required to submit papers on how the apartment fell into the ownership of the current owner. This can be a contract of purchase, a certificate of the right to inheritance, a gift paper, a certificate of privatization, a court decision and so on.

The seller must have: the original technical plan of the apartment, the BTI document on the value of the property, a single housing document. Need another extract from the house book.

what documents to buy an apartment
At the time of signing the contract, it is desirable to seeinformation about the health of the owner. Such papers are issued in a psycho-neurological and narcological dispensary. If you buy an apartment from a sick person, then you have to return it through the court.

Now about what documents are needed to buyapartment, in which at the time of the transaction, minors or invalids reside. The fact is that the law protects the rights of these citizens to housing. Therefore, in order not to buy an apartment in which you will be required to tolerate the residence of a child or an invalid, demand a fresh document stating that these people are not registered here. And in general, you can not prevent a certificate of registration and registration of all who live in an apartment. Among these papers there must be a Zhakovo certificate of the composition of the family.

Before buying an apartment, you need to make sure that it does not include debts for utilities.

what documents are needed to buy an apartment
It is better to conduct a deal in a real estate agency. Lawyers of this organization perfectly know what documents are needed to purchase an apartment and will be able to verify its legal purity. It is better to pay professionals than to learn from your own mistakes.

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