What documents are needed for a driving school? Full list

In our time, many men and womenprefer to travel by personal means of transport, for the management of which you need to have a special driving license of a certain category. In order to receive it, you need to finish special courses and pass the exam in the traffic police. That is why many citizens are faced with the question of what documents are needed for a driving school in order to get there faster and learn how to drive a vehicle. This we will talk about in the article.


what documents are needed for a driving school

So, in order to become fullmotorist, you need not only to have your vehicle, but also to pass training in a driving school and take exams in the traffic police, then get a driving license of a certain category. There are a lot of schools of such a profile, and people are trying to choose the best. After all, quality education is the guarantor of future safe and proper driving.

In addition, many citizens are interested in the question: what documents are needed for the driving school. The fact is that educational institutions make different demands on future students. But most often the list looks like this:

  • copies of the first and second pages of the passport;
  • photos (can be colored), format 3 x 4 cm;
  • It will also be necessary to conclude a contract with the driving school and pay for the training by providing a check on payment;
  • before the practical part (driving), you need to go through a medical commission and provide a certificate;
  • men under the age of twenty-seven must present a military ticket.


what documents do I need in a driving school

So, if a citizen is determined to getdriving to manage his personal transport, he must first finish the driving school and after passing the tests (in terms of theoretical and practical training) to pass the exam in the traffic police.

But to do all this, you need to startKnow what documents are needed for a driving school. So, first of all it will be necessary to conclude a contract in which information about yourself is indicated: the place of work or study and the level of education. And before signing this document, you should carefully study it. It is also necessary to have a passport with you, because you will need to make copies of it. And young people under 27 years, as already mentioned, must have a military ticket with them.

After the contract is concluded and payment for the coursesfor driving instruction is produced, you can safely embark on a theoretical lesson. In the future, it will be necessary to pass a medical commission and provide a certificate of the possibility of transport management. Please note that without this document you will simply not be admitted to the practical training course.

Know what documents are needed for the driving school, it is necessary in order to prepare all the papers in advance and without any problems to start the lessons on driving instruction.

Passage of the commission

what documents are needed to enter the driving school

The medical commission is held to receivereference and begin practical training, i.e., to the management of the transport. For this you need to visit a small circle of specialists, and the main ones are a psychiatrist and a narcologist. Without their conclusion, the therapist will never sign a medical certificate. In addition, if a person has ever abused alcohol or drugs, he should be removed from the account of a specialist, otherwise the way to obtaining a driver's license for him is closed.

The cost of such a medical commission is different, in a private clinic it will cost more than in the state clinic.

By the way, it is necessary to clarify with the secretary in advance,what documents are needed to enter the driving school, since some educational institutions of this profile require a medical certificate even in the period of conducting theoretical studies, and some - just before the practice.


what documents are needed for driving in a driving school

Photos are required for the student's personal file andregistration of documents on the termination of the educational institution. They should have a size of 3 x 4 (especially for documents), and they are of color or black and white - it does not matter.

One of the provided photos will need to be taken to the clinic for attachment to a medical certificate.

Let us repeat that before entering the educationalestablishment of this profile, it is necessary to clarify in advance what documents are needed in the driving school to immediately prepare all the papers and make copies. This will save time and get you started faster.

ID confirmation

Talking about what documents are needed for trainingin a driving school, we stressed that to confirm the identity you will need a passport. If the hedgehog is lost or is being replaced, due to changes in the data or for other reasons, it is possible to provide a temporary certificate to the educational institution. This is a special certificate issued at the passport office. Although still better to wait for a new passport, so as not to alter the documents in the driving school, because these data are entered into a contract with the school.

Copies of the first two pages of the passport can be made independently (a turn with photo and registration).


what documents are needed for driving in a driving school

After passing the theory and practice in the driving school exams are passed. They consist of two stages:

  • testing;
  • driving of the transport (depending on the category).

Only after successful passing of tests a citizen receives a certificate of completion of driving courses. After this exams are taken in the traffic police in the place of residence.

Now you know what documents are needed for studyingin a driving school and for what they are needed. The main and important ones are a passport, a medical certificate and a photo for documents. The reference that a person has never had a driver's license is not needed, since the traffic police will already check all the information.

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