Refusal of privatization and consent to it: what is worth knowing?

Not all Russians managed to privatizeState and municipal apartments in private ownership. Despite the fact that the timing of this procedure has been extended, it is not worth it. In this article, we will talk about the main points of such acquisition of real estate and why the refusal of privatization is needed.

refusal of privatization

Where to begin

So, let's say you live in an apartment on termssocial hiring. Why should it be privatized? This procedure will give you the opportunity to become its full owner, and therefore, to do in it re-planning, sell, bequeath or use as collateral, getting a loan from the bank. Therefore, if you choose a refusal of privatization, it is better to think again if this decision will not be short-sighted.

If you still decide to become the ownerhousing, then at first you need to get consent to this of all the family members residing with you. It is important to note here that privatization can be shared and shared. The first option: the premises are privatized, assigning to each of the owners a certain share in it. In the second variant, dividing into fractions does not occur.

registration of apartment privatization

It happens that they do not want to place an apartment at allfamily members, but for one. In this case, there is such a thing as a refusal to privatize. What does it mean? With its help, you give up your possible right to purchase state or municipal square meters and at the same time give consent to the fact that they can be privatized by other tenants.

The refusal of privatization must be drawn upin writing and must be certified by a notary. By signing such a document, keep in mind that, even in the case of the sale of a dwelling, you can not be evicted from a privatized apartment without your consent. That is, you have the right to life in this room and registration at this address.

How much to wait?

Please note that the registration of the privatization of the apartment -A process that requires a lot of time from the owner. It is necessary to collect a lot of documents for an apartment, such as, for example, a cadastral passport issued in the BTI, an explication, an order, an extract from house book. And this is not all the papers with which the future owner will have to tinker.

terms of privatization of the apartment
After all the necessary documentsfinally assembled and packed into a cherished daddy, they must be transferred to the Department of Housing Policy. After verification, you can sign a contract of transfer of housing in the ownership of the employer. Further, a certificate of ownership is issued. Also do not forget to pay the fee, or privatization will be suspended.

The terms of privatization of the apartment can be significantlycut. To do this, you have to pay an additional fee to the state (so that the registration of the property right is faster). You'll have to pay in the event that you do not want to wait long for documents from the BTI. Often, privatization services are offered by real estate agencies.

Free to privatize the apartment can be until 2015of the year. In fact, there is not much time left. Many Russians in the spring of 2013 were evaluated for all the "delights" of long lines. Therefore, it is better to take care of the privatization of the premises in which you live in advance.

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