How much is a divorce? The main nuances of the procedure

The relationship between a woman and a man -very complex matter. Unfortunately, not always happy marriages are made in heaven, and quite often it happens that after a few years of cohabitation the spouses decide to disperse. In this case, they usually face a number of questions, among which, for example, is this: how much is divorce and what is its procedure? We will try to understand all the nuances and pitfalls.

The procedure for registering a divorce in a registry office

In Russia today there are severalways to dissolve marital relations. The simplest procedure is to arrange a divorce through a registry office. However, to carry out the operation in this way it is possible not in all cases, a number of conditions must be fulfilled, namely:

  • spouses should not have general minor children (this aspect concerns both native and adopted children);
  • spouses should not have property and other financial disputes.
    how much is divorce

Spouses should express their mutual desiredivorce in writing, you can make two separate or one general statement. If you are interested in the question of how much there is a fee for divorce, then know that each of the former spouses must pay the state for 400 rubles. Divorce through a registry office in the absence of one of the spouses is possible only if:

  • one of the spouses is missing for a certain number of years;
  • one of the spouses is officially recognized incompetent;
  • one of the spouses is in prison, serving a sentence of 3 years.

Court registration of divorce

Now, when it became clear how much a divorce is worth through the registry office, it is necessary to clarify the details of the procedure conducted in court.

Arranging a divorce in court oftenis associated with a conflict between the parties. However, this is far from the case, there are cases when, despite the solidarity of the former spouses, the procedure is still held in the courtroom. The letter of the law plays a decisive role in this case.

If both spouses who have minorschildren, agree to divorce, the court can decide that the family can not be saved, and their joint future seems impossible. If one of the parties does not agree with the claim, the court is given time to the former spouses to try to eliminate the disagreements that have arisen. Such a period is usually from one to three months. At the end of the allotted time, the court decides whether to close the case if the parties have reached a truce, or divorce the spouses, in the event that the plaintiff insists on the commission of this act.

how much is a divorce through a court

The court never rules on the preservation of the family, if one of the parties is against this decision. In addition to the dissolution of family relations, the following issues are resolved in court:

  • property division;
  • the assignment of alimony to children;
  • determining the place of residence of children;
  • the assignment of alimony to one of the spouses.

How much does a divorce through a court? The amount in this case does not change, both spouses have to pay a fee of 400 rubles. However, one should know that in the event of a conflict situation, the cost of divorce can significantly increase. This is explained by the fact that certain costs will be required to conduct legal proceedings and resolve existing problems. In particular, huge expenses are required to cover the cost of attorneys' services.

The fee for a divorce in the future

The question of how much divorce is worth now, hownever actual for inhabitants of Russia in 2014. The Government of the Russian Federation last year proposed an initiative to increase the fee, which must be paid when applying for divorce. According to unconfirmed reports, in the near future hapless spouses will have to shell out for up to 30 thousand rubles.

how much is the fee for divorce

Is the question of how much it costsdivorce for the preservation of the family in our country? It's no secret that Russia in this indicator can make a sad competition for any country in the third world. As far as this initiative of deputies is legitimate, the question is rather controversial. After all, a significant amount of duty may prevent the two parties from implementing their own legitimate decision to end the marriage life. On the part of ordinary citizens, such an initiative met with a sharp but justifiable outrage. One of the opinions on this issue is that such an ill-conceived initiative can further destroy the institution of the family.

how much is divorce now

Divorce with a foreign citizen

How much is the spouse's divorce, one of whichis an alien? In this case, much depends on the country in which the divorce procedure will be carried out. If the process takes place on the territory of the Russian Federation, then it differs little from the usual procedure, including the size of the fee introduced. Citizens of the Russian Federation living outside its borders can apply for divorce to the consulate.

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