Correct solution of tax disputes in arbitration court

We can say with confidence that practicallyany case that will be considered by the court can be attributed to rather difficult. Otherwise, this kind of case would not have come to trial before the court. As experts say, one of the most difficult cases is various disputes over tax deductions. It is the solution of tax disputes that is quite difficult, because sometimes the legislation can be interpreted in different ways.

resolution of tax disputes

Naturally, not least of all thisof sorts of complexity take place in connection with the incorrect formulation and formulation of claims that are often made by employees of the tax authorities. Often, the resolution of tax disputes is related to the correctness of calculating a certain income tax. There are cases for the calculation of value added tax, as well as unified social tax and others.

No one argues that the establishedlegislation taxes should be paid, but not always employees of tax authorities perform their duties in a quality, conscientious and professional manner. For this reason, the resolution of tax disputes can concern virtually anyone. To protect their interests, as well as property, it is often necessary to resort to litigation.


Note that if a person does not own tax andother legislation in full, it is better to seek the help of competent and qualified lawyers. Naturally, the emergence of a large number of tax disputes is directly related to the conduct of regular tax inspections, for example, cameral, as well as field visits. But we can say that quite often there are other problems that are related to the interaction of the firm with the IFNS.

When a company has an accrual problemtax amounts, it can not be solved by convincing or providing additional documents. In this case, the resolution of tax disputes is possible only in an arbitration court. It should also be borne in mind that the management of cases with the tax inspection is fully regulated. Many disputes in the arbitration court were lost by the companies due to the time lost, which was allocated by the code to develop necessary explanations, objections, and complaints.

arbitration dispute resolution

Also note that the cases in question aretax authorities have a fairly extensive structure. The main thing that an entrepreneur needs to do is to assess the future prospects of arbitration litigation. After all, the resolution of arbitration disputes can last a very long time, and this is an additional expense of money and precious time. It is for this reason that it is necessary to calculate the amount of mandatory legal expenses, as well as its tax savings. Naturally, in the case of a court decision in favor of the entrepreneur.

Preparation of a statement of claim in court must passat the highest level, as if the incorrect execution of this document, the court secretary has the right to return it to the plaintiff. In the "header" of the application, it is necessary to register the name of the tax authority and its address. The main part of the application should describe in as much detail the legal basis of its position. Only in this case you have a chance to win in the court session.

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