Where to apply for a divorce?

As statistics show, a large numbermarriages break up. When there is a wedding, many people think about where to apply for a divorce. Nevertheless, if such situations arise, we must deal with them.

where to apply for a divorce


Ideally, a divorce is a return to the state,which existed before the marriage. Thus, it can be said that filing an application for divorce is presented as an act that allows a person to feel free again. There are two options for the development of events. First - if you decide to divorce, there are no children and both spouses agree to terminate. This is the simplest case when you just need to go to the registry office and pay a state fee, after a certain time the divorce will be formalized. More complex situations will be considered further.

apply for a divorce
Applying for a divorce

Most often there are situations when the family haschildren who have not reached adulthood, or there is a dispute about property. In addition, one of the spouses does not agree to the divorce. In this case, if the question arises: "Where to apply for a divorce?", It is the prerogative of the court, and the instances may be different. For example, if there are no children, but there is a dispute about the property, you can apply to a magistrate's court (a court station at the defendant's residence). If there are children, then the world court does not consider such cases, but it is necessary to write an application to the district court. Even if there is a dispute about the property, but the price of the claim is more than 50 thousand rubles, then again the appeal is submitted to the district or city court.


In addition to the statement of claim, which goes without saying, you need to attach a certain package of documents. General Kit:

  • certificate of marriage;
  • data that is recorded in the house book;
  • birth certificates of children;
  • check (receipt), confirming that you paid the state fee.

It is clear that in a specific case,need for submission of other documents. For example, if the question concerns mainly the division of property, then information about property and income is presented. In some cases, witnesses are required if, for example, one of the parents periodically beat the children. There can be other situations.

filing for divorce

Where to apply for a divorce, figured out. It can be a civil registry office and a court. The court can also be different. If you have any difficulties, it is better to contact a professional lawyer. He already knows exactly where to apply for a divorce. In addition, this may affect the outcome of the case, and if the property is large, then the legal assistance can have a determining effect. It is important to understand that the procedure is not pleasant, so the less you do it, the easier it will be to survive this time. Let's say a few words about children. By law, both spouses have equal rights to them, but in practice, more often the child is left with the mother, even if she does not have property and there is no way to provide children with material support. This must always be remembered, otherwise the decision of the court can become a big surprise.

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