Private schools and licensing of educational activities

Each of us is concerned about life and futureown children. Educational institutions play a special role in shaping their personality and luggage of knowledge. The system of state education has long established itself as stale, at times despotic and inefficient, the goal of which is only to obtain a compulsory certificate of secondary education.

licensing of educational activities
There is an alternative to such types of institutions. It is private schools, gymnasiums and universities. In our country, licensing of educational activities of this type is envisaged, as well as collection of taxes from their owners. This is a significant barrier to their promotion and reducing the cost of training in such institutions.


All educational forms are subject to licensingactivity on a permanent basis with the subsequent receipt of a diploma or a state-recognized certificate. The main authority that regulates this process is the Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science. Of course, obtaining a permit for educational activity is not so problematic as a license for hazardous wastes, but for it it is necessary to coordinate documents in many instances.

license for hazardous waste
Even after obtaining an appropriate license,A private educational institution is subject to constant monitoring by the supervisory authorities. They have the right to request documents, to demand a report on the violations found and to monitor their elimination.

Cost of education

Everyone is well aware of private higher educationinstitutions. The institutions that have passed the licensing of educational activities are not significantly different from paid forms of education in state institutions. The quality of study is different in all universities. Often, the higher the cost of study, the more pedagogical staff is more professional. This is due to the possibility of hiring teachers who have useful experience, skills and require an appropriate fee.

registration of a license
If we talk about private schools, they are lessDistributed in Russia than in Western Europe or America. Few people trust this type of secondary education. Some do not see a difference in the principles of teaching. There is also a category of people who, from their own experience, have felt the quality of this form of training. Of course, the cost is very different, because the state in this case does not act as a sponsor. In addition, the teachers of such schools are highly paid professionals, which affects the high price of staying in a private class of the child.

Licensing of educational activities isnot all that is necessary for the maintenance of a private school. In addition, serious and stringent requirements are in place to ensure the safety of students, the sanitation of premises and the quality of cooking. The Tax Inspectorate also closely monitors the activities of such institutions.

As a result, private schools and licensingeducational activities are a risk not only for students and their parents, but also for founders and entrepreneurs who conduct such a business.

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