How to privatize an apartment?

Finally, a person receives a document,which is called "Certificate of state registration of rights", to him in addition a statement and transfer agreement. He is now the owner of a specific living space. The entire privatization procedure was left behind.

And someone just begins this procedure. At the beginning of glorious deeds, you need to find out for yourself how to privatize an apartment.

About privatization

The primary transaction in the market, as a result of whichthe owner of residential real estate becomes a private person, is privatization. This is the first and most important procedure in the sequence of all operations on real estate. After the adoption in 1991 of the law on the privatization of housing in the country began an active movement in this direction. A person who is far from jurisprudence is unlikely to be able to quickly and correctly understand the nuances that accompany the process of privatization, so you have to turn to specialists ready to direct to the right path, tell you where to start, what documents to collect, and in what time you have to be ready to be ready .

To facilitate the privatization procedure,seek help from intermediary firms. They will do everything necessary for a certain reward, but when selecting intermediaries, one must be especially cautious, since not only real professionals, proven by time, work on the market for such services, but also one-day firms that can not be trusted.

Privatization of joint ownership

Privatize an apartment located in common joint ownership, it is possible only inthe consent of the will of all tenants. In the absence of the consent of at least one shareholder, even with the smallest share, there is a situation of unlawful actions with regard to the common property that is in the ownership of several persons. Such stories arise often when inherited by law.

The testator in determining the will determines each thing to one of the heirs. In the absence of a will, several successors usually appear in each queue.

Russian legislation identifies a commontwo kinds of property. A shared property is a shared property, but with an exact definition of each share of each owner. Joint property is considered common property without determining the shares.

How to privatize an apartment, in a joint ownership, oftenan emerging issue. The property of the spouses, which is acquired during the marriage, if there is no agreement between them for the establishment of another right, is in joint ownership. Any person who is related or not related to a kinship relationship may be a participant in a shared ownership.

Peculiarities of regulating ownership

Legal regulation of the common property regimehas its own characteristics. Having a share in the right to the whole thing, a person does not have the right to a part of this thing. Avoid problems associated with the ownership, use and disposal of such property can be in normal relations with all participants of a certain common property. Under specific conditions, it is permitted to receive a part of a thing in one-person property or the right to use this part is fixed.

Experts suggest answers to the question of howto privatize an apartment, namely, to show that it is more convenient and much more profitable to have equity ownership, because during divorce of spouses, or in matters of inheritance, it is possible to avoid additional expenses for court costs or determination of shares in case of conflict resolution of the situation.

On the question of how to privatize an apartment in each particular version has its own specific answer, judging by the circumstances.

Privatization is urgent and not urgent, but the collectiondocuments in both cases is assumed to be the same in the DEC, Housing and EIRC at the place of registration. The price and duration of execution differ in these types of privatization.

When asked where to privatize an apartment,there is a response pointing to the work of multifunctional centers (MFCs) that will provide public services. In Moscow, as early as August 1, 2012, such services will be provided in some areas through the MFC.

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