How to return money for low-quality goods in Russia

How to return money for a substandard product? This issue can indeed be called important and relevant. The bottom line is that we are all consumers, we constantly acquire a lot of goods and services - without this in any way. Agree, you often happened to buy something that in the future quickly broke down or simply did not correspond to the quality that it should correspond. Someone in such situations simply sighs heavily, takes away what was bought far away and forgets about it, but there are people ready to defend their rights to the last. Yes, it is necessary to do this, but competently, and not as horrible.

How to return money for a substandard product? It is necessary to address the legislation in the field of consumer protection. Its norms are very developed, and the corresponding federal law is one of the most effective in the whole country. Thanks to him, many residents of Russia were able not only to regain all that they owed, but also to get decent additional money.

how to return money for a defective product

Consumer Rights: Refunds

Immediately draw attention to the fact that inthe law on STP clearly defines the subjects of law: the seller is an IP or an organization, and the buyer is any individual who purchases goods or services for use that does not have any connection with the entrepreneurial activity. This must be taken into account, since you can not follow the instructions given in this article, for example, in order to return goods purchased from a simple physical person.

How to return money for a substandard product? What commodity can be called substandard? We should start with this. It must correspond to the quality that is mentioned in the contract, or to what is usually assumed for goods of this kind. Are there any return dates? First of all, we draw attention to the fact that practically any goods can be returned within two weeks after the purchase, even if its quality is quite normal. The point is that he simply did not fit or liked.

Two terms are important: Guarantee and, of course, the service life. Both are assigned by the seller. If the warranty period is not disclosed, then it is considered equal to two years, if the service life is not announced, then it is considered equal to ten years. The repayment period for poor quality goods, as a rule, is equal to the guarantee one. We draw your attention to the fact that during this period in many cases begins not on the day of purchase, but later. For example, for seasonal things, it starts at the moment of the coming season.

repayment period for defective goods

How to return money for a substandard product? Initially, it is worth writing a claim and attributing it to the seller. It is best to make it in two copies. The second, having a seal of the seller, which attests to its verification, will remain with you. If there is no way to transfer the claim personally, use a registered letter with the inventory.

If your absolutely legal requirements do not satisfy within a certain period (10 days), then you can apply to the court. Which one? By his place of residence.

consumer rights refund
You will be otsuzhena not only paid earlieramount, but also a penalty, and a special fine, and compensation for non-pecuniary damage, and compensation for the representative's services, if you hired him to settle the dispute.

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