Where to apply for divorce and which documents are required

In today's dynamic world, morea certain stage of their life together come to the idea of ​​an imminent divorce. There are a lot of reasons for divorce. Starting with disagreements in everyday life and ending with the betrayal of one of the parties. And the family is already on the verge of collapse, and each of the spouses understands that a divorce can not be avoided. And then there are the questions: "Where to apply for a divorce?" How is the application filed? Which documents do I need to collect? " Let's talk in more detail about all the subtleties of the process.

where to apply for a divorce
Where to apply for a divorce? What documents are needed?

An application for divorce is filed in the registry office at the place of residence, if:

- you do not have joint young children, and divorce is by agreement of the parties;

- one of the spouses is missing, incapacitated or convicted and imprisoned for more than 3 years.

In such cases, a divorce is considered within a month. When you come to the registry office, you need to write a statement in a simple form.

divorce without attendance
The document should specify the personal data of the defendant and the plaintiff, the name of the body considering the case, property and other disputes, the reason for the divorce and the presence of children (if any).

The application is accompanied by a list of documents: the original of the marriage certificate, a copy of the application (it will be sent to the respondent - in this case, the spouse for familiarization), birth certificates of children (copies), receipt for payment of state duty, certificate of family composition. Note that in the registry office only need a statement and a certificate of marriage. The remaining documents will be required if you and your spouse are unable to reach a peace agreement.

What to do in this case? Where to apply for a divorce? This will have to be done through the court. These kinds of cases are sorted out there, if you have a child, and disagreements arise about his upbringing and alimony, the division of his acquired property. The application is considered by both the world and the district court, depending on the complexity of the disputes that have arisen. It is forbidden to divorce a woman who is in a state of pregnancy, or if the couple has a joint child under the age of one.

divorce certificate
Divorce without the presence of one of the spouses

It happens that the desire for divorce is not alwayscoincides. And even the cases when one of the spouses do not agree. Then what to do? Where to apply for a divorce? You can do this without one of the parties. To do this, you will need a passport, the original certificate of marriage and, with the presence of children, their birth certificates. Dissolution of marriage without the presence of one of the parties is carried out if one of the spouses did not appear in court due to illness, because of other unforeseen circumstances beyond his control, is late, is in a completely different region of the country, abroad or in places of deprivation of liberty. Such divorce proceedings without presence will last for a month. After that a certificate of divorce is issued. If necessary, you can get it in the registry office.

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