What documents are needed to replace a passport?

The main document proving the identitycitizen in Russia, is a passport. For the first time it is given to children at the age of 14. There are several reasons for replacing the document. Firstly, it is, of course, a change of name, gender and name. Secondly, the achievement of a man is 20 years old. After that, the passport changes to 45 years. Also, a new document is needed if the old one is lost or corrupted. All this can lead to the fact that you need to apply to the bodies involved in processing the relevant papers.

What documents are needed to replace a passport? This depends, first of all, on the reason for which there was a need for a new one. For example, if a former document was stolen, you should immediately contact the police station. After writing the appropriate application, a special voucher is issued, which will need to be presented at the passport office. If a notification is not provided, then it will be necessary to indicate when and to what structural unit of the police the victim applied.

documents necessary for passport replacement

If the stolen goods are not found,you need to collect documents to replace your passport. This includes photographs, to which special demands are made. Their size is strictly defined, in any studio they know it. Photos of people wearing hats are considered invalid (exceptions are made only for people who do not remove him on religious grounds). The same can be said about the pictures of a man in tinted glasses.

documents for passport replacement

If we talk about what documents are needed forreplacement of the passport, then, of course, it is necessary to name those that are the basis for applying to the FMS. Usually this is a marriage certificate, a paper confirming the divorce, changing the name, etc.

The documents necessary to replace the passport must be listed, employees of the passport office are obligated if you decide to apply at the place of registration.

If a person is in a nursing home, a boarding school for invalids or a hotel-shelter, then the official of the establishment decides this problem.

You can apply and at the place of stay in the territorial department of the FMS, where the staff will talk about the further actions of the citizen.

what documents are needed to replace the passport

Once documents for replacement have been collectedpassport, you need to pay the state fee. Then all the papers are collected and given to the employee of the territorial unit of the FMS. Some people are interested in the question of whether it is possible to give the prepared documents in advance, not to wait for the birthday. The law provides that the request for a new document can only be made after the execution of the corresponding number of years (25 or 40).

In order to collect documents to replace the passport, given a month after the birthday (if the reason for receiving a new document in this).

If you delay a citizen, a fine is imposed, the amount of which can reach 2500 rubles.

If the passport is exchanged in error, which the employees who issued the document allowed, then the state duty is not re-charged.

When a citizen is in the army, a change of documentis allowed after the end of the service life. The same applies to those who have reached the age when a new passport is needed, but is at that moment abroad. This provides for a postponement. The main thing is to file documents within a month after crossing the border.

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