Constitutional rights of citizens of Russia

The status of a citizen in any country in the worldis determined by the presence of his rights and obligations, which are provided by certain laws. Constitutional rights of citizens are reflected in the main law, which makes them more important than any other regulations. Everything that is adopted at the level of laws, in various organizations, state structures, must correspond first of all to the rights defined in the Constitution.

constitutional rights of citizens

Basic rights

To have a general idea of ​​the volumeit is important to talk about the basic. It is worth noting that the constitutional rights of Russian citizens fully comply with all norms of the most weighty international documents in this field, which our country has also joined.

Political Rights

In this area, citizens have impressiveopportunities. The key is the right to elect and also to be elected. This can be limited only by the person's ability to act and the fact that it is necessary to reach a certain age. It can be different, depending on the post the citizen claims. In addition, everyone can gather for rallies, processions, etc., create associations, including political parties, apply with a complaint, appeal to state bodies. The constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens in this sphere are wide enough and are not limited to what I have listed.

constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens
Economic Rights

They must be connected in some way witheconomy or production, and therefore have this name. Constitutional rights of citizens here is an opportunity to own property in private ownership. And the person who owns the thing has the right to do with it whatever he wants: to make any transaction, to alter, improve or even destroy. In addition, the right of entrepreneurship is highlighted in this sphere, as well as the fact that goods, services and money can move freely throughout the country.

Social rights

An extensive group that is characterized andderives from the social functions of the state, which are also reflected in the Constitution. The right to work, housing, decent wages, health care, pensions - all these are constitutional rights. Citizens can not be deprived of them if they need these rights. It should be noted that the realization of all rights should exist ideally, but not all states can actually implement them. For example, the resettlement program from dilapidated housing is not working at full strength, and a number of citizens will in any case live in an emergency fund.

constitutional rights of citizens of the Russian Federation

Personal rights

Their peculiarity is that they do not spreadonly for citizens, and in general for all people. The right to life, health, freedom, inviolability, as well as to secrecy (personal and family) and to protection. Such constitutional rights of citizens are the most important, since they relate directly to everyone. After all, there are those opportunities that are realized only by a limited number of people. For example, you can never be elected to government bodies, and it seems as if you are not in any way concerned. With personal rights, this situation is impossible.

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