Agreement on cooperation

The cooperation agreement is one of the mostuniversal. It serves both entrepreneurial and various types of civil-law relations, involving joint activities for the sake of achieving common goals.

This type of contract differs from others in somefeatures. In practice, there are often not bilateral, but the interests of many parties that unite several parties simultaneously. As a rule, it is of a continuing nature, without a clear timeframe. A cooperation agreement, a sample of which can be used to compile its various types, depending on the characteristics of the overall activity, is a standard document.

Under the contract, the persons signing it undertake to pool their contributions to joint activities and act without forming a legal entity in order to achieve profit within the framework of the law.

Contract of cooperation as partiesimplies commercial organizations or individual entrepreneurs, if its purpose is to extract profit. The number of parties is not limited quantitatively, it can reach even a few hundred.

The subject of the agreement is the joint implementation by its participants of certain activities, the objectives of which should not contradict the law. This form is rewarded, although there are rare exceptions.

An important condition for signing the document issize and types of deposits of all participants, the procedure and timing of their contribution. Also, a mandatory part of the agreement is the points on the purposes and the type of activity, the conditions for reimbursing the costs of maintaining the common property.

You can conclude a cooperation agreement both ona certain period, and without his indication. The moment of termination of its action can be related to the achievement of the goal (profit from the event, the end of construction, etc.)

Participants' contributions are recognized by all that are paid inin the common cause: money, property, knowledge, skills, skills, business reputation or connections. The contributions of individual participants are supposed to be equal, however, other conditions may be prescribed in the contract. Monetary assessment of deposits can be made at the request of the participants.

The property contributed by the contract is used in the common interests of all parties to the agreement and becomes common. However, the participant has the right to dispose of his share even without the consent of the others.

A cooperation agreement involves the adoption ofall decisions that relate to the common affairs of the participants, by mutual consent, unless otherwise specified in the conditions. Everyone has the right to get acquainted with all the documentation on the conduct of business (accounts, contracts, etc.). This right can not be limited under any circumstances.

Joint activities, which are conducted forof profit, provides for under the agreement its distribution among the parties in shares proportional to their contributions to the common cause, unless there are other written conditions and no additional agreements are concluded. It is impossible to remove from participation in the profits of any of the signatories.

If an activity occurslosses, they must be covered in accordance with the procedure established by the contract. In the absence of this item in the document, each participant will carry them proportionally to the share of his contribution to the case.

If the contract is not related to entrepreneurship, thenparticipants in general obligations meet personal property proportionality of deposits. If the document is connected with business, then the responsibility for the obligations of the participants is borne in solidarity.

Refuse to participate in the agreement can be, if it was concluded without specifying terms, three months before the release. Also the contract can be terminated on the grounds of clause 1, article 1050 of the Civil Code.

A sample agreement on cooperation can be downloaded from the Internet and make all the additions to it, which may not be in the standard form, based on the particular circumstances.

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