What documents are needed to privatize the apartment?

In our unstable time, the best that can beto do with municipal housing is to privatize it. Unprivatized living space can not be sold, exchanged for smaller or larger, exchanged, donated or left as a gift. In fact, no matter how many people live in this apartment, it does not become his property without this legal operation.

What documents are needed to privatize the apartment? First of all, you need an extensive extract from the home book, which will indicate all the persons who have ever lived in the territory, including minors, relatives in places of detention and now deceased. Its validity is two weeks. Those who did not have time to register a residence permit, will have to redo it. Therefore, it is best to make an extract last after you have issued all the papers.

What documents are needed to privatize an apartment?in the second turn? It will require an order (in triplicate), giving the right to conclude a social security agreement, as well as a financial and personal account confirming the absence of debts for utilities. If it is available, it must be paid off, and in the near future, since the validity of the account is also limited to two weeks.

What documents are needed to privatize the apartment in addition to those listed?

  1. The plan of the living space certified in the BTI. If the actual layout differs from the one specified in the documents, difficulties may arise with obtaining it. In this case, you have to either give the housing the original look, or legalize the redevelopment. If you have closed the door in the wall, and a meter from it have made a new one, or increased the area of ​​the corridor due to the fact that they removed the built-in storage room - this too can be considered a redevelopment. Therefore, all the nuances need to be considered in advance, before you begin to collect all the documents necessary for the privatization of the apartment. The plan is taken in 3 copies - the original and two photocopies.
  2. It will take a contract of Social Security in 2 copies.

What documents are needed to privatize an apartment from underage children:

  1. Passports of all participants in the process who have reached 14years, and from children under this age - a birth certificate. From all documents photocopies are taken, from passports - copies of all significant pages.
  2. If one of the persons participating in privatizationafter 1992 the passport was changed, it is necessary to take a certificate indicating the reason for the replacement. It is also necessary to formalize the citizenship of the Russian Federation, if it is not.

What documents are needed to privatize the apartment?

If the family has called in privatized housingafter 1992, will have to collect certificates from previous places of residence from 1992 to today. This is done in order to exclude multiple privatization by one owner of different housing. In other, if it involved minors, after 18 years they have the right to purchase another property in the property.

If you wish, you can refuse to participate in theprivatization in favor of another family member. Another thing is that then a person will not have any rights to this dwelling, even if it was originally received on it. Children under 18 are required to participate in the process, even if the other relatives are against it. Also, in order to become an owner of an apartment, a person must have Russian citizenship.

Documents needed for privatizationapartments, you can collect both independently and contact the appropriate agency. As a rule, such firms for a fee not only draw up all the necessary papers, but also defend interests in the state bodies of the person applying to them.

At the moment, privatization is free of chargeuntil 01. 03. 2013. After the onset of this date, to become the owner of the housing will have to pay all of its value. Therefore, the earlier you deal with the design and start collecting all the documents that are necessary for privatization of the apartment, the better - because at the last minute there may be difficulties with the design.

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