Lost driver's license. Restore rights

Without a driver's license driving a carit is impossible, but there are situations when, for some reason, they have to be restored. It can be theft of documents by intruders or your negligence. Here it should be noted that all

Restore rights
important documents should be stored in a safe place. But the loss occurred. How should we proceed? Quite frankly, DPS employees are not very interested in what exactly happened, they were lost by you or are stolen by ill-wishers. Restoration of rights is a procedure that requires both strength and time.

First of all, make sure that the driver's licensethe certificate is really absent, and not shifted in turmoil elsewhere. If the search has been successful, you will save your time and money, and most importantly, your nerves. Well, and if the document was not found, it means that your further action is a march to the traffic police department. There it is necessary to issue an application for restoration of the driver's license with loss, in exchange you will be given temporary. It should be noted that the service is not free, you have to pay 500 rubles. All this will take you one day. By a temporary permit you will have to travel for at least a month. In general, it is issued for a maximum of 2 months. In the provisional certificate, the series and number of the document are not indicated, but the note "instead of the lost one" stands. But you have to be prepared that even these rights you can not get (there are such exceptions), and you will immediately be asked to wait for a permanent driving license.

Restoration of rights is a procedure that can not be carried out in every branch of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate. If

Restoration of a driver's license if lost
The loss of the document occurred in the same populationthe point where you are registered, then there will be no special problems. You need to apply to any department of the traffic police. The situation is worse if the rights have disappeared in another RF subject (not at the place of residence). In this case, a temporary registration is required. If you have it, then everything is in order. And if registration is not available, then you will have to return to the place of registration and the restoration of the rights to exercise there.

In the traffic police department, you present the following documents:

- a receipt for payment for the production of a new certificate (plastic - 800 rubles);

- application for restoration of rights;

- passport;

- temporary or permanent registration (registration);

- certificate of medical commission;

- a document confirming your training in driving the vehicle (driver's card);

- Driving license (if available);

- photo;

- a receipt for payment of exams.

Restoration of lost rights
As you understand, the collection of all this documentationcan go away not one day, especially it concerns a medical certificate. It should be noted that the restoration of rights does not imply the passing of exams, so you will not have to pull tickets and ride a snake on the site. Now all the documents have been collected, and you should just wait for the production and issuance of a new certificate. It will differ from the former only in that in the column "special notes" the word "duplicate" will be written. Restoring lost rights is a troublesome business. Who is this procedure was held at least once in life henceforth to its documents is more responsible. Good luck on the roads!

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