Can I return the goods without a check and get my money back?

Many of us at least once in their lives turned out to besuch a rather unpleasant situation, when the acquired thing did not fit. The reasons for this could be different, and below we will try to consider them in order to outline the algorithms of actions in each of the cases. Most often when you buy low-quality products or things in a supermarket or a large store with a cash register, to return them is not a big problem: you take a check, a defective purchase, go to the store and tell the seller the flaw that you saw, demanding or exchanging for a quality analogue, or return money. But what if you bought the goods and did not receive a receipt or lost it? After all, in the markets most of what is sold, in general, is released without checks. Therefore, before customers sometimes the question arises: can I return the goods without a check? The answer is simple: you can, if you show maximum perseverance, patience, while remaining polite and balanced.

The law is on the consumer side, but in reasonablelimits. For an overdue yogurt bought in the market, you are unlikely to be able to return the money, but in the case of more serious waste - you can. So, consider the case when the buyer overlooked, and bought a substandard product or falsified. Did the heel come off the first day? Bought an Italian dress with a thorough check was with a tag indicating the Chinese origin? The home appliance stopped working the first time it turned on? How to act in such circumstances and whether it is possible to return the goods without a check? It turns out, you can.

First of all, remember the law that protectsconsumer rights - he clearly prescribes the right of the buyer to return a substandard purchase. Of course, it's silly to assume that the seller will go to your meeting and gladly give you your money. Most likely, he will pretend that he sees you for the first time, and you have acquired a substandard thing or a fake not with him. But an expensive purchase is not a jar of yogurt. Household appliances must have a warranty card, clothing, footwear and similar items can have a receipt, a tag of this store, special branded packaging. If there is no check, but you made purchases in the company of acquaintances, ask them to come and confirm that this is the shop where you did the shopping and, in particular, made this acquisition.

If the seller continues to work, safelycall the chief manager and threaten to complain to a special society that protects the rights of consumers (but before you go there, take a written motivated refusal to exchange the purchased goods or return the money from the store). You must write in the name of the store manager an application for reimbursement of the money spent by you, where you can specify the reason for the return of the purchased goods, and the seller's business in this case - draw up an act for the tax service on the return of the goods. But if the seller refuses to draw up such an act - can I return the goods without a check? Courts, as a rule, decide such cases in favor of the injured buyers, but here it is up to you to decide whether the amount spent is such a long gimmick like a lawsuit.

Suppose the seller agreed that a thing orthe product you purchased from him, but claims that you spoiled the purchase by improper handling (a fairly common practice in the case of household appliances). Is it possible to return the goods without a check in this situation? Insist on conducting the examination, and at the expense of the store, and try to attend it with witnesses. If the examination reveals that the purchased item was defective, the shop must return within a week the amount paid to you or replace the goods.

Now consider this case: you bought clothes for another person, and it was not his size. Can I exchange goods without a check? Yes, if in the arsenal of the store there will be this thing of the right size. Otherwise, you can insist on returning the purchase and getting back the money spent on it.

And the last case: you bought something for another person, and she simply did not like it. Can I deliver the goods without a check only on this basis? Of course, however, you should make sure that after the purchase has passed no more than two weeks. The thing should not be worn or used at least once. It is desirable to return the goods in the same packaging in which it was purchased. And, of course, the main thing in this situation is to prove that from the time you bought it, the two-week period has not yet come to an end.

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