What documents are needed to sell the land and how to sell it together with the house?

The sale of land is possible in all regions of our country. To properly and quickly complete everything, it is importantto have an idea of ​​what is needed for this. The buyer should know what documents are needed to sell the land to avoid falling into an unpleasant story. First of all, the seller must provide the buyer with his passport or, if he represents another person, a power of attorney certified by a notary. If the sale of a plot of land is carried out by an entrepreneur, then, in addition to the passport of this person, it is still necessary to produce a certificate that confirms the state registration of this type of activity. This as for the seller himself.

What documents are needed to sell the land

About what documents are needed to sell the land

  • The cadastral passport. You can sell only the site that has already passed this type of accounting. If this document is not available, the land can not be transferred to the buyer's property, since such a transaction will not be fixed, that is, it will be illegal. If the purchase and sale of the site is carried out together with the house, then a cadastral passport is required on the building. It will not be superfluous to check whether the building rules are observed, ie, the dwelling house should not be closer than 3 meters from the borders of neighbors, and other buildings (bathhouse or farm buildings) - not less than 1 meter from them.
  • A certificate that confirms the rightproperty, is the main document in the sale, which must be presented by the seller or his representative. This may be some document issued earlier - a contract of donation, sale or exchange, as well as the decision of an authorized representative to provide the site with personal property.
  • A statement that there are no outstandingpayment of taxes for a given land plot, and if the land is sold together with the house, then also the absence of arrears in the payment of utility services and taxes for buildings.
  • Form 9 certificate (sale of land together with the house)- an extract from the house book - all registered in this house. Including those who temporarily do not live here (army, places of serving punishment, etc.).
  • The application of all registered in this house aboutconsent to sell when selling land together with housing. This statement means that all of them are obliged to sign out at a specific time specified in the contract of the transaction.
  • Extract from EGRP. She proves that this site and the house are not in pledge or under arrest and there are no encumbrances.
    Land for sale

There are situations when a house is sold for whichthere is a cadastral passport, but there is no such document on the land on which it was built. Then the land still goes into the ownership of the buyer. This provision is spelled out in the Land Code of the Russian Federation.

If the land is leased

The land that is on lease can also be sold,but only if you are a landlord and a plot is your property. But you must warn the buyer about the lease. What documents are needed to sell the land in such a case? To the package of documents listed above, a lease is added. The seller (the landlord) provides his own copy, the second is from the person who leases the land. Only we must take into account that with such a transaction and the transfer of ownership rights, the lease agreement concluded earlier does not cease, but continues to operate until the set deadline. Therefore, the buyer receives land with encumbrance and can not terminate the terms of the contract independently. By law, the seller of such a site must inform the buyer about the existence of the contract or, otherwise, the buyer may demand the termination of the transaction and seek compensation for damages. But if you are a tenant, then, therefore, you do not have property rights to this land and you can not sell it. What documents are needed to sell the land, now you know. Their authenticity should be checked very carefully.

Sale of land for sale
Category of land

An important detail when buying land is its category. Not at any site it will be possible to build a house. It is important to find out whether the purchased site is in the zone of so-called alienation, whether there are a line of communication or power lines nearby and whether your site is in the buffer zone of water bodies, freeways, etc. Better buy-sell is carried out in trusted agencies or performed by them in the presence of a lawyer.

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