HOA: claim to the management company (sample)

In Russia, there is often amanagement company. A sample of this document is published below. In addition, it is necessary to study what rules will help to compose a paper correctly. After all, an incorrectly written claim is the reason for refusing to consider the case. What should everyone know about?

claim to the management company sample

When to complain

To begin with, it is important to understand in which casesit is advisable to complain about the management company. HOAs and CCs are bodies that protect the interests and rights of tenants. Therefore, in violation of the established rules of residence in homes, you can write an appropriate complaint.

In addition, it should be noted that most often complaints are addressed when:

  • violations concerning house maintenance;
  • lack of cleaning and surveillance of the adjacent territory;
  • non-fulfillment of their duties on repair and restoration of houses;
  • poorly rendered services in respect of the communal sphere.

Hence it follows that the entire population is capable ofcontact the Criminal Code or the HOA with their complaints. This applies to both owners and ordinary residents. Flooded the apartment because of the unrepaired roof? A claim is made to the management company (a sample of it will be submitted later). Have not they repaired the entrance for a long time and removed it? Again, you can complain. The main thing is not to be afraid and not to fear consequences.

Submission form

It is noted that there is only one form of filing a claim - a written one. It is in this form that the document should be sent for further consideration. No analogues are envisaged.

how to write a claim to the management company sample

The only thing that is allowed to do issend complaints electronically. In addition, you can replace the writing of the text by hand written on the computer complaint. The main thing is that in the end, a letter, suitable for reading, was sent to the CC or HOA.

Types of claims and complaints

The citizen thought about how the claim is filed inmanagement company? The sample document presented below is just a small template, changing which to some extent, you can protect your rights. The main thing is to understand that complaints are of several kinds.

The first option is a personal claim.It is made up of one person. They are also served in the relevant organization. Such documents, as a rule, do not react very often, although by law all claims must be considered.

The second type of complaints is collective. Usually they are composed of several tenants or the whole house as a whole. Such claims attract attention most often. On them, the organs react very quickly.

Accordingly, it is best to directfurther consideration of collective complaints. How to make a claim in principle? The type of document does not play a special role. The principles of paper making remain the same.

claim management company Bay apartment sample

Components of the document

How to write a claim to the management company? A sample of this document must necessarily consist of the following components:

  1. "A cap". This is the beginning of any documentation.
  2. Name of the paper. Also there is every document.
  3. Main part. It describes the essence of the appeal. Briefly, but with details and on the case.
  4. Request. This component expresses the purpose of sending a complaint. You can make a request separately or in the main part.
  5. The conclusion. It is expressed by the date of writing of the paper and the signatures of the applicants.

This will be enough for the proper formation of claims and motions. What else should each applicant know about the upcoming process?

Design rules

How to write a claim to the management company? A sample of this document is usually very difficult to imagine. Mainly because of its main part. Depending on the situation, the template will change to some extent.

sample claim to the management company for flooding

Nevertheless, the approximate design of the paper can be presented without much difficulty. It is enough to remember the rules that help in writing a complaint. Namely:

  1. The "cap" of the document is written in the upper right corner. It begins with the writing of the place in which the letter is sent. Further it is recommended to specify the FIO and the position of the head reviewing the body document.
  2. After that, information about the applicants is written in the "header". More precisely, it is necessary to write the FI, as well as contacts for communication with citizens. This also applies to collective complaints, and single complaints.
  3. After the "cap", the center of the sheet with the new line is written the word "Claim". Under it - clarification of the appeal. For example, "Claim for poor-quality provision of services management company."
  4. The main part of the document, as already mentioned,this is a story about violations. Here it is necessary to express thoughts coherently, briefly and only on business. It is advisable to list all the papers attached to the claim in a separate list.
  5. Requirements are not required. Usually they complete the main part. You can write something like: "Please consider our claim and rectify the situation." It would be enough.

With dates and signatures there are usually no problems. From now on it is clear how to make a claim to the management company. A sample document will be presented later. After all, not all the features of the process have been studied.

Order of treatment

For example, how to contact the relevant organization. The order of notification is simple.

how to claim a management company sample

The first step is to decide where exactlysend document. After this, a claim is written to the chosen organization on the previously proposed rules. It is sent in the form of a letter with notification of receipt. Only in this way will it be 100% to protect one's rights.

The management company is obliged to respond toreceived document. This action takes 3 days. If citizens are not answered, you can complain to the authorities standing over the Criminal Code. For example, in housing inspectorates or Rospotrebnadzor. Be sure to attach a notice, which refers to the receipt of a complaint.

Henceforth, it is clear how the claim formanagement company. The sample application, which is proposed below, is just one of the variants of the document. It is not necessary to follow this pattern. Its just enough to consider in order to understand how to write the bulk of the paper.


How will the sample claim ina flood management company, for example? The document is drawn up according to the previously proposed principles. Its main part, as a rule, looks approximately like this:

I, FIO, residing at the address (address of registration), please consider my claim for inaction of the management company (name of the company). My apartment was flooded (the date of the event) after a pouring rain. After the inspection was called, it was found that the cause of the leak was not the renovated roof of the house. I ask you to respond to my letter. The results of the examination and photographs are attached to this document.

claim to the management company sample application


This is what the management claim looks likecompany (apartment bay). The sample of the proposed document, as already mentioned, is just a template. If you change it a little, you can complain about any act of the managing organization. The process as a whole does not require any special actions from the population.

From now on it is clear what the claim looks like inmanagement company. A sample of this paper has already been submitted. You can see that the main part of the complaint is the most common story of the situation on the part of the victim. The main thing is to specify all details of the event with dates and photos.

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