How to get on the labor exchange?

In life, everything happens - both ups and downs. One such situation is the loss of work. Scientists have proved that for the first time after the dismissal, a person is in a state of depression, then, three months later, creative activity begins, but in six months there is an adaptation to this situation.

What documents are needed to enter the labor exchange
Therefore, before entering the labor exchange, where the prospect of becoming a "chronic" unemployed person is quite realistic, one should determine the direction of actions aimed at finding a new job.

The reasons people most often turn tolabor exchange, you can name two. Of course, the main reason is to look for help in finding the right job. A secondary cause, which sometimes becomes the main reason for some unemployed people, is unemployment benefits. Before you go to the labor exchange, it is advisable to decide for yourself what kind of work you will give your consent. It can happen that the minimum wage will be much greater than the benefit offered by the exchange.

What documents are needed to stand on the stock exchange
On the amount of assistance paid to the unemployed,the salary that is calculated on the last job, the period of unemployment and the nature of the region. Such allowance can fluctuate within 2-5 thousand rubles. This small amount is designed to ensure that a person without pay is not left without state protection and has the opportunity to find a decent job. But what kind of money the labor exchange would not pay, they certainly will not be superfluous.
How to get on the labor exchange
About what documents are needed to stand onthe labor exchange, it is best to clarify on the exchange itself in its region. The fact is that in each region for the labor exchange there are certain nuances about which you can, having previously phoned the specialists of the exchange, to find out. That there was no situation when on arrival at the labor exchange it turns out that you can not register as an unemployed person, since additional documents or certificates are required.

Much easier and faster can beregister, if you first specify what documents are needed to stand on the stock exchange. The provision of all services by the labor exchange is regulated by the relevant Law of the Russian Federation. Registration of the unemployed occurs solely at their place of residence.

The main documents that are necessary forregistration, a passport, a work record card and an education document are considered. Before entering the labor exchange, citizens who have a disability, in addition to the basic documents, must additionally provide the rehabilitation program that they received from the medical commission.

The labor exchange is sometimes addressed by citizens,labor book which have entries in foreign languages. In this case, before entering the labor exchange, they must independently consult an interpreter and translate all these entries into Russian. Then the received translation must be notarized. If a citizen is applying to the labor exchange, who is looking for a job for the first time, then he is not obliged to file a work record and a certificate of average earnings.

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