In Russia there are different types of troops

The defense of any country is extremely important forstability and tranquility in it. This task is successfully carried out by various types of troops of the Russian army. Not everyone knows how many of them, what they are created for, what the main tasks are.

Types of troops
Those who were not in the army, this information will seemredundant. But every person who considers himself a patriot of his country and striving to broaden his horizons, must have this information, especially since any knowledge will certainly be useful in life.

Think about it:if such a question you ask the child, what will you answer him? Confess that you do not know what types of troops are there? No, you will flash knowledge and become an example for imitation of the younger generation. Moreover, it is shameful not to know the elementary things. This is akin to the lack of understanding of when the Second World War was.

The Russian army is very strong.She has good armament and qualified specialists, training the recruits. When a son is taken into the army, parents, having an idea of ​​what kinds of troops are, will be able to influence the decision of a young person in favor of choosing one or the other of them.

Types of troops of the Russian army

The Supreme Commander-in-Chief is the President. This fact is reflected in the Constitution of the Russian Federation. All types of troops obey him and his orders unswervingly.

Types of Russian troops are as follows:land forces, air forces (they are abbreviated as Air Force), the Navy. There are also independent kinds of troops - such as missile, space, airborne, Rear of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and others. It is not difficult to guess their purpose by looking at the names.

Land forces attack the enemy in order toits defeat, the early capture of its territory, the imposition of fire strikes. Their task is also to repel unexpected enemy encroachments, to firmly hold occupied territories and districts. These types of troops are divided into genus: tank troops, motorized rifle, missile forces and artillery and so on. Each of them carefully fulfills its combat mission.

Types of Russian troops
The navy supports peace on the waterspace. If the enemy invaded the sea, the troops would be on their guard. Also, the Navy protects Russian shipping from looting and attacks. It is divided into general-purpose and strategic nuclear forces. The Navy is a strong defense of the country. It remains to add that there are submarine forces, surface ships, naval aviation, as well as marine infantry.

The air force is another type of troops.Service in them speaks of high valor and fearlessness, because not everyone has the courage to climb into the air for the performance of the combat mission. The Air Force is divided into clan. Among them: aviation, consisting of fighter, bomber, assault and so on, radio-technical troops, anti-aircraft missiles and others.

Any types of troops are extremely important for ensuringthe defense capability of a huge country. Therefore, every recruit should seriously think about what he likes. Perhaps, after serving in the army, he will continue to serve for the benefit of his Motherland. This is a very important and noble mission.

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