Privatization of land: nuances and order of registration

The main condition for the successful registration of the siteland - is the presence at the construction on it of signs of a structure, structure, building, that is, an object of real estate. It should be noted that the controversial objects are, for example, unfinished. Objects of non-capital construction (characterized by a lack of foundation), temporary buildings (kiosks, cabins, sheds) refer to objects under which land does not belong to mandatory privatization (may be granted on other terms). At the same time, railways, loading and unloading sites are related to structures, and the privatization of land under them can also be formalized without the presence of other structures. And attached and garage boxes are not independent objects, and the land under them can be formed not individually, but in combination with other structures with which they have one wall or to which are attached.

land privatization

The second important condition is ownershipon real estate. In other words, it is impossible to privatize land under an immovable property that has undergone significant changes (reconstruction) or under self-construction. In the first case, it is first necessary to legalize the construction or the changes made with it, and after that the privatization of land under a private house is already being carried out.

Having determined that the object iscapital construction, refers to real estate, there is documentation that confirms ownership of it, you can proceed to the second stage. Further, it is necessary to correctly determine which property belongs to the land plot with the real estate object located on it. In case this is a municipal property, an application for redemption is sent to the administration of the respective district.

privatization of land under a private house

After the preliminary clarification, the privatization of the land under the house may begin. This procedure is divided into the following stages:

- Order an extract from the inventory department in the bodies of technical inventory to the real property;

- the order of the EGRP statement for real estate;

- Order technical report (measurement) on the land (in the organization that provides land surveying services).

Having ordered and received all of the above documentation,you can apply to the bodies authorized to dispose of land (to the real landowner). At itself there should be a statement on the preparation of the scheme for finding a site.

privatization of land under the house

After receiving this scheme and the decision on itsthe land survey is ordered and the land plot is put on the cadastral register. After the cadastral passport is received, it is necessary to address repeatedly in administration with the complete set of the documentation and the statement about the repayment of a site of the earth.

If previously a land plot was allocated for(privatization of land in life-long inheritance, perpetual permanent use), then this land is transferred to the property free of charge, otherwise the decision for granting a land plot to the right of ownership will specify the payment for the provision of the site. At the same time, both resolutions are full-fledged privatization of the land.

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