Pre-trip training of drivers on road safety: a description, features and feedback

Traffic Safety Rulesare mandatory for everyone, both for drivers and pedestrians. Compliance with the rules should not be carried out for fear of punishment, but for responsibility for one's life and those around them.

At the legislative level, traffic safety is understood asthe degree of protection from road accidents and their consequences. Normative acts require employers to conduct trainings for drivers of vehicles without fail. The main purpose of such events is to inform the employee of all information that will allow him to fully perform his functions for driving a vehicle, not to allow an emergency on the road. The information should be generated in the instruction, and, depending on the type of briefing, the information required in the particular situation is conveyed.

pre-trip training of drivers on road safety

Who gives instructions

The management of a logistics company or other carrier organization is not entitled to allow employees to drive a vehicle without instruction.

As a rule, the company has a department fortraffic safety, whose specialists and develop training programs. General management and control over the development and implementation of these activities is carried out by the head of the unit. The functions of the direct conduct of driver's briefings are assigned to the DB engineer or to the mechanic, the head of the garage, depending on the structure of the enterprise.

Types of briefings

Carrying out of briefings on BDD drivers must be recorded in the logs. The activities themselves are conducted according to pre-programmed programs and are divided into several types.


Briefing is mixed and conducted at the reception onwork. Not only information on the rules of the database, but also information on labor protection is delivered to the employee. Instruction is mandatory for all professionals who will manage the vehicle, regardless of work experience and qualifications, which causes positive feedback from drivers.


Instruction is carried out in the workplace and alsois considered to be mixed, since it includes not only the rules for the safe operation of the vehicle, but also the general safety requirements in the workplace.

exemplary drivers' briefing topics


Subject to quarterly conduct and includes inall the information conveyed at the initial briefing. Such an event is noted by the employees on the positive side. They believe that it is very useful to repeat what was learned earlier, because much is gradually forgotten.

Pre-trip training of drivers on road safety

It is carried out in a number of cases:

  • if the driver will be sent on the planned route for the first time;
  • transportation of children;
  • transportation of dangerous or bulky goods;
  • if the driver is transferred to another vehicle.

overview of instructions for drivers


To be held twice a year. Subjects of briefings - features of transport management in the off-season and in severe winter conditions. The drivers' comments on this event are only positive, because they understand how important it is in difficult situations not to get lost and know how to act.


It is carried out in emergency cases, when up topersonnel need to bring information about changes in regulations concerning traffic safety, the need to change the route of travel or about a "horrific" accident on the road, about the threat of a possible terrorist act.

The information about the pre-trip training of drivers on road safety is not recorded, a mark is placed on the road list.

Pre-trip briefing

Pre-trip safety drivers' briefingroad traffic refers to the current and is carried out by an official appointed by the person responsible for such activities. The program must include the following information:

  • what kind of road conditions on the route, dangerous places along the route;
  • weather forecast for a day;
  • what are the properties of the cargo, if it is a question of cargo transportation;
  • What safety measures should the driver observe when transporting people;
  • if the route has specific conditions, then how should the driver behave in emergency situations?
  • a mode of rest and a food;
  • responsibility of the driver for the serviceability of the vehicle along the whole journey;
  • the order of stops and parking, what measures should be taken to protect the cargo;
  • the order of crossing the railway crossings;
  • what measures should be taken to safely carry out loading and unloading operations, how to properly fasten cargo;
  • responsibility for unjustified deviation from the route.

 briefing for drivers of vehicles

Instruction for transportation of children

Pre-trip safety drivers' briefingroad traffic in the case of transportation of children, in addition to general information, must include the requirements of RF Government Decree No. 117 of 17.12.13. In particular, for transportation of children, a vehicle that has been in operation for more than 10 years can not be used. Cars must necessarily be equipped with GLONASS equipment and a tachograph. A sign "Transportation of children" is mandatory. In this case, it is necessary to include items in the approximate topics of drivers' briefings:

  • features and rules for boarding and boarding children;
  • a schedule of technical stops, for example, every 50 minutes, but not less than 100 km;
  • stops for food, every 3 or 5 hours;
  • stop overnight.

The main thing is that you can not transport children from 11 pmuntil 6 am, only in extreme cases, for example, to travel to the airport or train station. It is also possible to move the vehicle with an organized group of children at night, if there is a delay on the way and there is not more than 50 km left until the end of the trip.

The customer, that is, the school or other children'san agency that orders transportation services may make separate demands to drivers, a vehicle, naturally, within the framework of the current legislation. Such additional information is brought to the attention of the driver on pre-trip training.

briefings for drivers of vehicles

General requirements

Overview of instructions for drivers gives a fullunderstanding that there are general requirements for road safety and labor protection. So, for example, people are not allowed to drive in a car in a painful condition and overworked. Before being allowed to perform official duties, the driver must undergo a medical examination. It is forbidden to drink alcoholic beverages and narcotic drugs during the period of transport management. If the driver rests in the car's cab, the engine must be switched off. You can not move in places where there are no road passes for cars. The driver must always carry a driver's license, a travel list and be able to provide first aid.

It does not matter what is called instruction for drivers,introductory or pre-trip, the main purpose of each of them - to consolidate knowledge of safe driving methods, to bring information about the alleged danger and weather conditions.

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