How can I find out the address of a person by last name? Is it possible to find out where a person lives, knowing his name?

In the conditions of a rabid rhythm of modern lifepeople very often lose touch with their friends, relatives and friends. After a while, he suddenly becomes aware that he does not have enough communication with people who, due to various circumstances, moved to live in another place. Quite often there are situations when someone is looking for their classmate, co-worker or first love. In fact, the reasons that push a person to restore once-lost connections with friends or relatives can be a great many. And, most interestingly, it often happens that only the name of a classmate you need to find is known. Is it possible in principle? How can I find out the address of a person by last name? Of course, this is an achievable task.

How to find out the address of a person by last name

When we set a goal to find the rightman, we already have at least a minimum of information about him. In a number of cases, we know what his last name, first name, patronymic, in which place of residence he recently resided. Of course, the more information about a person, the easier it is to find him. It does not matter where you need to find a person - in Russia, Kazakhstan or Belarus. By the way, the cities of his alleged residence are also not important. You can find a person both in Saratov and in Vladivostok. Yes, today, scientific and technological progress has reached such a level that the question of how to find out the address of a person by last name is completely resolved, and quickly enough.

How to find a person's address by name and surname

Of course, you can sit with your hands folded, andCount on the fact that a former colleague, with whom you have not seen each other for a good ten years, suddenly suddenly wonders and the first will start looking for you. However, this does not happen often, and all because your army friend can also not find an answer to the question of how to find out the address of a person by last name.

Today, modern technologies allow finding a person anywhere: at least in space.

Consider the most common methods,through which a person finds another person. In other words, let us turn to the practical side of the question of how to find out the address of a person by last name.

Search Methods

One of the most powerful search tools is the global Internet. It is on the vast runet that you can use resources that are specially created to find people.

Internet Directories

How to find out the registration of a person

Do not have the faintest idea how to find a person's address by name and surname? Use the search bases that are laid out on the World Wide Web.

As a rule, most similar resourcesprovide services to find people on a fee basis, but you can stumble upon those who will help you free of charge, and qualitatively. However, it should not be forgotten that in RuNet it is easy to come across scammers who, in order to resolve the issue, how to find out the residence permit of a person, often suggest sending an SMS message to a mobile phone number. If you fall for such a trick, it is very likely that not only will you lose your hard earned money, but you will not get access to the database. To prevent this from happening, it's better not to risk and "circumvent" such Internet portals!

How to find out the address of the person by the surname

Social networks

Today, a huge number of people literally live in social networks, days and nights communicating with their friends and relatives.

If you constantly think about how to learnaddress of the person's residence, get an account on the most famous portals for communication, which include, for example, "Odnoklassniki", "VKontakte", "", "Twitter". So your chances to find a friend or girlfriend will increase at times. You just need to drive into the empty box the person's name and surname - and the system will give you the appropriate list. However, if the name is common, then you need additional information, for example, the age or name of the institution that your friend was finishing.

Detective Agency

If you need to find a person urgently,for example, to notify him that he has entered into an inheritance, then the best way out of the situation will be to seek help from professionals. Such a service is good because the detectives will be busy searching almost 24 hours a day. However, consider the fact that such a work of detectives requires a high pay. So in case of a positive result, be prepared to put the employees of the agency "a tidy sum" for their work.

How to find out the address of a person by name for free

The telecast "Wait for me"

Today the TV program "Wait for me" is watched by a huge number of people, both from Russia and from abroad, because its popularity rating is just off scale.

With her help, many were able to find their friendsrelatives and friends, the connection with which was once lost. How can I find out the address of a person by last name? Place an application on the Internet resource of the above-mentioned television program, and its employees will immediately begin their search. For the sake of justice, it should be noted that in "Wait for Me", those who seek missing relatives first turn.

City Forum

Do not have the faintest idea howfind out the address of the person by last name? Free it can be done as follows: open on the Internet sites with city forums and post on them information that you want to find your friend or girlfriend, while you know only the name.

Without fail leave your contact so that people can contact you in case of something. At the same time, you must remember that you, again, can run into speculators who will call you and offer you to solve your question positively for a fee.


In some cases it turns out that searchesco-worker or fellow student are delayed due to the fact that information about his whereabouts refers to personal data that is not subject to disclosure. It is for this reason that it is not surprising that representatives of law enforcement agencies have refused you in your request. When the search for a person comes to a standstill, and you have a burning desire to find it, it is better to trust professionals and contact a detective agency whose employees have not only the skills of detective work, but also the experience of communication with law enforcement officers who rarely refuse to help them.

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