About what is needed for a new passport

In case you like to have a rest abroad, oryou just need to make a business trip to another country, you will definitely need a document that certifies an individual that meets international standards. In other words, this is a passport. Usually it is done for a period of up to 5 years. This document is handled by such bodies as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or OVIR, which are located, most often, in passport offices. That is, in order to do it, you need to apply to this structure at the place of your official registration. There is also usually posted a list, which indicates what is needed for the passport.

The list of these documents is not too complicated. More time can be taken to collect the necessary information. In most cases, such a passport is made no longer than a month after the delivery of all papers.

Children who are less than 14 years old aredocuments of parents. To do this, you must file a special application for registration. What you need for a passport, can prompt and employees of the passport office. After the period for which this document is issued ends, it is not renewed, but changed to a new one.

Currently, there are two formspassport - old and new, biometric. Their difference is that one of the pages of the second one is sewn in a microchip. Contrary to popular belief, there are no fingerprints or other biological samples. On a microchip all data of the citizen which are already available in the passport is duplicated. In this way it is faster and easier to check a person before leaving for another country.

What is needed for a biometric passport,It should be clarified in the relevant body, which deals with the preparation of documents. However, the general list of securities is not too different from the one that was needed earlier, and contains the following items.

If a document is issued for an adult, forthe application should be filled out. It is printed on the computer, and the required data is written only in capital letters. If a person works, then paper must be reassured in this organization. Further, a photocopy of all pages with any marks of the Russian passport is made. At the same time, it is obligatory to present the original in the delivery of documents. Also they come with a work book. Still need photos of a small size, special requirements for their format is not presented.

Speaking about what is needed for a new passportsample for registered in Moscow, it is necessary to mention a letter from the place of work, which must be issued on a letterhead. For men under 27 years of age, a mandatory certificate from the military registration and enlistment office is required. If a citizen already had a foreign passport, it is necessary to remove and present a copy from the first page.

Many people are interested in the question of what is needed forpassport of the child. Usually this application is a questionnaire for the issuance of a biometric document to the parent with whom the minor is registered. It should be signed, it is not necessary to certify anywhere.

Next, you need small (3 by 4, 4 by 5) photochild. You need the same parent card. Special requirements to the format are not presented, they can be both black and white, and color. In addition, photocopies of the pages of the parent's passport (only those with any marks), a child's inscription on citizenship and birth certificates will be required. When submitting documents, you must have originals with you. Children over the age of 14 will require a photocopy of a Russian passport.

Also speaking about what is needed for a passport,do not forget about the receipt for payment of state duty. For adults, it is more than 2 thousand rubles, for children - 2 times less. The exact amount should be specified in the passport office.

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