Withdrawal from registration: description of procedure

When a person moves to another city, oftenhe needs to be removed from the registration. If to speak easier, for a permanent registration at one address it is necessary to withdraw from the registration in another way. In addition, information about this procedure will be useful to those who can not in any way write down from their apartment an unwanted tenant.

We prepare for moving

So, in what way is the withdrawal from the registration? If you want to get out of the dwelling, then you have two options.


The first is to turn toto the passportist who is registering, or to come to the local department of the migration service. At the same time, you need to get a note on the discharge from a certain address and a departure sheet in your passport. It is important to know that after you arrive at your new place of residence, you need to apply for registration within seven days. If you do not do this, you may face a fine.

The most convenient option is still the second optionhow to apply for removal of registration from the place of residence, on request. Any citizen has the right to leave his former place of residence, without signing out, but upon arrival within seven days simultaneously with the registration of a new registration, one must be discharged from the previous address. To do this, by completing the application for registration, fill in the voucher, which says about the removal from the previous place of residence.

If you simultaneously make a residence permit for a newaddress and leave the old one, this will not affect the terms of registration in any way. A note on a new place of residence will be put in your passport within three days after you have submitted all the documents. The specialists of the Federal Migration Service rarely speak about this possibility, as this adds an additional amount of work to them.

removal from the registration at the place of residence

Withdrawal from registration does not require paymentit is free of charge. To get out of the apartment, you need to provide your passport, application and house book, if available.

How to prescribe another person

Often happens and so, that, having bought an apartment,owners receive a "gift" and registered in it people, as previous owners simply forget to take them off the register. How to act in this situation?

To begin with, we list the reasons fora citizen can be discharged from the apartment without his presence. The grounds can be deprivation of liberty, if there is a court decision that came into force. Also the reason is the conscription to the army on the basis of documents from the military commissariat. To write out the person it is possible still if it in a judicial order is recognized as missing or on the basis of the certificate on death. Then it is simultaneously removed from the registration records. And, finally, if information and documents are found that have become an unjustified reason for registration.

In the case of buying an apartment with the registered in ittenants, it is necessary to carry out removal from the registration record in a judicial procedure. At the same time, the grounds will be that the citizen is recognized as having lost the right to use square meters that have already become yours. Consideration of such cases does not take much time. It will take only one or two meetings. After the court decision comes into force, you can safely go to the migration service and carry out removal from the registration. Do not forget to bring a copy of the judgment.

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