What documents are required for the privatization of housing

The changes are coming: it will soon become impossible to privatize your living space for free. But in fact for many people in our country the apartment has been and remains the main, and often the only, capital. And in connection with the massive desire to privatize their living space to collect documents for privatization has become extremely problematic. More and more problems arise in the way of those wishing to legalize their right of ownership in all instances.

documents for privatization

In order to collect the entire list of documents for privatization, you will need a large number of nerves, time and money.

In this regard, many people are interested in informationabout whether it is realistic to privatize a room in a hostel, documents for which it is also difficult to collect, without unnecessary worries and hassle? Let's try to figure this out.

Initially, by starting to collect documents forprivatization, you must take the responsibility to ensure the necessary (or better with the reserve) number of photocopies of documents that certify your identity, as well as the identity of all people who live (are registered) in your apartment (if they are residents ). For citizens over fourteen years it is necessary to have copies of the passport, and younger - birth certificates. Authors will need you without fail, when you submit the entire list of documents for privatization.

list of documents for privatization

Then, by collecting all the initial documents forprivatization, you can go to a certain department of the state body assigned to your house that deals with this issue. In this case, it is worth remembering that such visits are associated with long queues, so it's worth to come in advance.

In this institution you should be given a list, inwhich indicates the remaining necessary documents for privatization. Also, you should be provided with the receipt forms, for which you will need to pay all the necessary state duties and the cost of registration of the contract on social hiring (if it is not yet issued). The public authority will issue a request for which it will be necessary to receive the original of the contract mentioned above or the warrant. Further it is necessary to write the power of attorney on the sample and, of course, notarially to assure it.

Below are the documents on privatization that need to be collected to save time before going to a specialist (all this can be done independently and without involving outsiders):

privatization of the dorm room documents

  • passport (or other documents that confirm the identity);

  • The warrant for the housing that you occupy or the contract of social employment (both in the original);

  • apartment explication, as well as a house plan for each floor (these documents are issued in the BTI);

  • an extract from the house book, an expanded version (that is, all persons who have ever lived in an apartment are indicated);

  • certificate of special form on the replacement of the passport (for those who changed their surname after 1991);

  • if your room is located in a communal apartment, then you will need a financial account, or rather, a copy of it;

  • receipts for payment of the required state duty;

  • a power of attorney certified by a notary, which is executed for employees of the state body dealing with housing privatization.

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