How to write a thank you letter to an employee

There is nothing more appropriate for recognizing the merits of a member of your collective than a letter of thanks to an employee who made a really meaningful contribution to the common cause.

Business etiquette, if you observe itstrictly promotes clear and organized work and transparent relationships between employees of one company or between several companies, therefore most official papers have strict samples. However, a letter of gratitude to the employee is created in a free form, in order to note the particular merit of a person. The only requirement is the business style of the document.

Usually the text of a letter of thanks to the employeecollect on the letterhead of the firm and express gratitude in it for some or other services provided, additional services, attentive attitude towards clients or special achievements on the work path. An excellent reason for the delivery of the message will be the threshold of the holiday, a memorable date or an anniversary.

This type of official paper has two mainfunction. First, directly expressing gratitude and manifesting the culture of business communication, and secondly, you can use a thank-you letter to the employee as a reward, if it is stipulated by the organization's charter.

To make it easier to make a document, belowits approximate content is given. Despite the absence of strict regulations, the following standard expressions should be used: "sincerely grateful", "thank you", "let me thank".

The structure of the letter contains certain items:

  1. A cap. It is about a person or an organization from whom gratitude is expressed. This item is not always present.
  2. Appeal.Indicate either the name of the employee, or the name of the company, if the letter is addressed to the team. Before the name and patronymic of the addressee, use the epithet "respected", do not call it "expensive", "respectable" and use other synonyms. The words "gentleman", "citizen" in circulation will also be superfluous.
  3. Immediately the text expressing the purposeletters. First, give an excuse for this thanks. For example: "I express my gratitude for the overfulfilment of the sales plan in March by 100%". Also list the personal merits of a particular employee when performing a specific task. Be sure to note how much you appreciate the devotion of a person to the cause and his diligence, as you hope for the professional success of the employee in the future.

If the occasion for the letter of thanks wasthe jubilee of a subordinate or a professional holiday, learn more about the work activity of a person and use the data to compose the text. You can note the number of years that the addressee worked in your company, and the post that he had to borrow during this time. Describe how much his colleagues value, and for what qualities (this should be clarified by those who are closest to the employee communicating at work).

  1. Author's data: name, surname, signature.

In addition, in the upper right corner of the form is traditionally the stamp of the organization.

Letter of thanks to the employee (sample)


To the director of hotel "Uyut"

Vorobyevoy O.V.

Dear Olga Vladimirovna!

Your hotel has provided its territory forconducting business training by our company. You and the staff of your hotel have been created ideal conditions for comfortable work and leisure of its participants. We express our gratitude to you and the employees of the hotel. We hope for further cooperation.

Yours faithfully,

business training organizer

Soloviev SS


Handing a letter of thanks to the employee,the head of the company gives him an additional bonus for the device to work in the future. If their ways diverge, then the chances of a good position in another company increase with the amount of thanks from management in the previous place.

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