Where to get SNILS for a child in Moscow? How to apply for SINLIS to a child

Residents of the Russian capital are increasingly thinking,where to get SNILS for a child in Moscow. This issue often arises because not all parents are ready for the forthcoming paper red tape related to the birth of a baby. Today, the insurance certificate is an extremely important document. It should be for every person. But how to arrange it? Where to do it? And what features will have to be taken into account during the implementation of the idea?

where to get a snails on a child in Moscow


Before finding out where to get SNILS on a child in Moscow, it is important to understand what document will be discussed. What is called an insurance certificate?

In Russia, this document indicates thatthe citizen participates in the program of compulsory insurance of the population. SNILS looks like a card the size of bank plastic is green and white. It contains information about the owner. At the top of the document there is a special insurance number. It serves as an identifier in the insurance system and never changes.

Why do I need

Why is it necessary to produce SNILS on a child? Why do we need this document?

First of all, the insurance certificateis issued in order to obtain a medical certificate. Recent changes in the legislation of the Russian Federation have established SNILS as a mandatory document, attached to the application for the issuance of the MHI policy. Without the latter, it will not be possible to be observed free of charge in the clinic. And for children it is extremely important.

getting slipped on the baby

To enter on the account in a polyclinic too will beis problematic. SNILS in Russia is still used for obtaining a number of state and municipal services. Therefore, the insurance certificate plays an important role in the life of a modern resident of Russia.

Who has the right to document

Who exactly has the right to legalize insuranceevidence? As we have already found out, SNILS is needed by everyone - adults and children alike. Accordingly, it can be said with certainty that all citizens of the Russian Federation can request the said certificate.

Also, SNILS is made to foreigners. Certificate of insurance type is laid down by both minors and adults. The order of actions will be the same in all cases.

Where to apply

Where to get SNILS for a child in Moscow? In the same bodies as in any other region of the country. Fortunately, citizens can choose where to book an insurance certificate.

To date, this service isin the Pension Funds of the Russian Federation. In addition, citizens can order SNILS through the MFC. If a child goes to the garden or goes to school, the student can be examined through a school / preschool institution.

snails for the child through public services

Adults and employed citizens may request SNILS from the employer. If this document at the time of employment, the employee does not, it is received directly at the place of work.


It is clear where to get SNILS on a child in Moscow. A little later, specific addresses of various institutions rendering the service being studied will be presented to the attention.

Some are interested in how much the decoration costsinsurance certificate. This service is free of charge. It does not foresee any costs. Even the state duty is not necessary to pay. The rule extends not only to Russian citizens, but also to foreigners. They also have the right to free registration of SNILS in Russia.

About the order of actions

How to properly get the SNILS on the child? Citizens who have reached the age of 14 have the right to independently formalize the document. With children of younger age, parents or other legal representatives must come. For example, guardians.

The algorithm for obtaining an insurance certificate for a minor will be as follows:

  1. Issue a child's birth certificate. If necessary, get a civil passport for a minor.
  2. Collect the documents requested by the registration authority for SNILS. Their list varies depending on the citizenship and age of the child.
  3. Applying for an insuranceevidence to a minor in the FIU or MFC. A questionnaire for SNILS is issued to the child at the time of the request. It is filled by the legal representative until the recipient is 14.
  4. Come back after a while to the recordingbody to pick up the finished insurance certificate. When applying for a service in a multifunctional center, the receipt is made after presenting a receipt on acceptance of the request for consideration.

This manual is relevant not only for children, but also for adults. What will you need to bring to this or that organization to document the document?

to issue a snails to a child in Moscow

SNILS child under 14 years old

It is clear where to get SNILS on a child in Moscow. That the mentioned document has been issued, it is necessary to bring the certain documents. Their list, as we pointed out earlier, varies depending on the situation.

For registration of the SNILS on a minor it is required:

  • passport of the legal representative;
  • application form;
  • the birth certificate of the child;
  • insert with citizenship (if any);
  • certificate with residence permit.

It's enough. Usually the insurance certificate is issued as soon as possible. The maximum waiting period for the document is 14 days.

After receiving the passport

Children who have reached the age of 14 can apply to the FIU themselves for the production of an insurance certificate. To do this they will need:

  • passport;
  • registration;
  • application of the established form.

As already mentioned, the presence of adults in this case is not necessary. Therefore, their documents will not be required.


Obtaining SNILS on a child is not the most difficult operation. Foreign citizens should bring for this:

  • passports translated into Russian;
  • child's birth certificate (with translation);
  • migration card;
  • information on the registration of legal representatives and children.

Also the applicant will fill out the application form. I'll have to write in Russian.

"State services" and SNILS

Some are wondering if it is possible to design an SNLSfor the child through "State services". This service was developed specifically to provide state and municipal services. With its help it is allowed to receive the bulk of documents, to open and close the IP, to make allowances.

questionnaire for a child

Nevertheless, SNILS for the child through the "government services" can not be issued in any way. It is forbidden. Adult insurance certificate is also not made through this portal.


Where to get SNILS for a child in Moscow? You can apply for this service in the FIU. For example, at:

  • Big Yakimanka, house 38;
  • Bakhrushin, 13;
  • Plekhanov Street, 13A building;
  • Embankment Savvinskaya, 7c3.

It is also allowed to file a request with the MFC. In Moscow there are more than 170 similar institutions. You can find them, for example, using the following coordinates:

  • Lane Voznesensky, house 22;
  • Khavskaya, 26;
  • Boulevard of Volzhsky, k2;
  • Street of Truth, house 33.

All this is not an exhaustive list. But now it is clear where to place the SnilS child in Moscow.

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