Sample application for a residence permit. What documents are needed for a residence permit?

Some foreigners move to Russia not fortime, and for permanent residence or for a long stay in the country. In this case, an important document will be a residence permit. A sample application for this paper, as well as design details are presented below. Having studied all the nuances of the process, you can easily get a residence permit.

sample application for a residence permit

Who can apply?

The residence permit is a kind of document,which confirms the legality of a migrant's residence in Russia for a long time. This paper is presented not with a stamp in the passport (as a RWP), but with a separate form.

In Russia, there are a number of citizens who can take up residence permits. Among them:

  • Adult migrants with a RWP;
  • highly qualified foreign specialists;
  • participants in government resettlement programs;
  • incompetent foreigners, provided that their guardians are citizens of the Russian Federation;
  • citizens of Belarus;
  • people who are fluent in Russian;
  • political refugees;
  • Foreigners who once interrupted Russian citizenship.

In other words, almost every foreigner can get a residence permit sooner or later.


But how long does a residence permit in Russia work? The new law establishes that, depending on the situation, the validity period of the paper will change. The maximum is 5 years.

what documents are required for a residence permit

At the end of this period, the citizen will have a chance to extend the residence permit for a similar period. Further it is necessary either to solve the issue with citizenship, or to leave the Russian Federation.

What for it is necessary?

A sample application for a residence permit will be submitted later. First we will understand, for what this paper in general is necessary.

It gives the foreigner the status of a permanent resident in Russia. For individuals without citizenship, residence permits serve as a substitute for identity cards.

In addition, citizens with a residence permit can freely move through the territory of the Russian Federation, travel outside its borders without a visa any number of times, work in local organizations without patents.

Education for children, medicalMaintenance and pension insurance are also included in the possibilities of residence permit. Among other things, having a residence permit, a foreigner will be able to issue a loan in Russia. In fact, a person becomes a citizen of the country, having foreign citizenship with this.

About restrictions

It is worth paying attention to the fact that the residence permit has a number of restrictions. This paper does not give the citizen of the country the right to vote and does not force him to serve in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

In addition, a foreigner with a residence permit can not work in some areas. Namely:

  • be an employee of companies that deal with state security;
  • to command civil aircraft;
  • be a member of the country's military crew;
  • To be a part of the crew of vessels flying the flag of the Russian Federation;
  • be in the state or municipal service.

As a rule, all these restrictions do not frighten foreigners. And they do not cause much trouble. How do you apply for a residence permit? Where to apply for the task?

application form for a residence permit

Design locations

Today, the mentioned service is rendered in several places. Therefore, the population can choose where to turn for help.

Most often, the residence permit is issued in the migration departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs or in the Federal Migration Service. In addition, now in some regions of Russia a residence permit can be requested through the MFC.

It is recommended to contact the FMS. These services are 100% working with foreigners and residence permits. As it is not difficult to guess, we will need a department on migration and citizenship. This is where the application form for a residence permit is submitted.

Procedure for registration

Now a few words about how you can implementidea for life. Getting a residence permit in Russia requires some preparation. And a foreigner who recently decided to move to Russia will not be able to tackle such a question.

filling in the application form

After briefly describing the procedure for issuing a residence permit, you can see the following steps:

  1. Making RVP for 1 year.
  2. Preparation of documents for residence permit.
  3. Filling in the application form.
  4. Submission of request to the FMS.
  5. The reply is in process.
  6. Registration of the residence permit form.
  7. Notification of migration departments about their stay in the country. This is done annually.

In fact, everything is easier than it seems. The main thing is to properly prepare for the process. In some cases, a quicker and simpler procedure for the registration of a residence permit is allowed.

About a simplified system

To whom is it put? The application form for a residence permit is taken at the FMS in any circumstances. But under certain conditions, the paper is made faster, in a simplified mode.

residence permit in russia new law

Who has the right to do this? For example, the following persons:

  • native speakers of the country's national language;
  • terminated citizenship of the Russian Federation;
  • refugees;
  • persons who are citizens of Belarus;
  • VCS and their families.

In addition, faster registration of citizenshipit is necessary in case of marriage to a Russian citizen. In all these situations, the issues of issuing residence permits are resolved more quickly. But otherwise the procedure for issuing the document remains the same.


And what documents are needed for a residence permit? Their list directly depends on the status of the citizen and the situation. Consider the usual paperwork procedure.

In this case, the following documents may be required:

  • application form (2 copies);
  • photo of citizen (4 pieces);
  • passport of national type;
  • receipt with paid duty (2 000 rubles);
  • document confirming the RWP;
  • a health certificate indicating that there is no infection or HIV;
  • diploma or any document confirming the knowledge of the Russian language;
  • income statements.

This list of documents is necessary for all adult citizens. Completion of the questionnaire does not cause any difficulties. But we will also talk about this operation.

Residence permit for children

Residence permit for citizens of Ukraine and othercountries can be obtained only after registration of the RWP. At the same time, the list of securities necessary for the implementation of the task in relation to minors must be provided.

What documents are needed for a residence permit for children? Among them are:

  • application (2 copies);
  • health certificate;
  • passport or birth certificate;
  • any evidence that parents have sufficient funds for the maintenance of minors;
  • photographs (4 copies);
  • consent to residence permit (from children from 14 years old).

In fact, everything is much easier than it seems. And this operation takes not so much time.

applying for a residence permit

Features of filling the request

Completing the questionnaire for residence permit plays an important role. This document is the basis for processing the paper under study. Therefore, it is necessary to be extremely attentive to the creation of the request.

The request for a residence permit can be submitted both electronically and on paper. The application form should be taken to the FMS or downloaded from the migration service website.

Fields "Surname", "Patronymic", "Name" are filled withlarge letters in Latin. Then all the fields are filled with information in Russian. It is important. Filling in the application is easier than it seems. After all, around the relevant fields there are clues. And with a pre-formed package of papers, it's easy. Usually the application is filled in by hand or printed out in a finished form on the PC.

The main thing is that in the request onlyreliable data. Otherwise, the residence permit will not be issued. Moreover, a migrant can be expelled from the country. This phenomenon is common among those who decide to deceive the migration services.

Abbreviations and abbreviations in the request indicateit is impossible. A sample application for a residence permit does not allow such forms of completion. Therefore, it is necessary to specify only the complete information requested by the migration services. If some information does not fit, you can ask for an additional form. It must be signed with your name.

All fields in the request must be filled. Passes are not allowed. Special attention should be paid to the fields related to work, education and work experience.

Completion of the questionnaire is completed by stating the date of application to the FMS and the signature. Persons who have reached the age of 14 are themselves subscribed to in the application. Children are asked for a residence permit by their parents.


Below is a sample application for a residence permit. This document is completed without much effort. The main thing is to know the Russian language.

residence permit for Ukrainian citizens

In fact, the procedure for applying for a residence permit is not the most difficult operation. With a certain preparation to realize the idea in life will be possible in the shortest possible time.

Usually foreigners who responsibly approachto solve the idea, without any problems get a residence permit. You can submit a request for the established form no later than 2.5 years after the registration of the RWP. Otherwise, the task does not take place.

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