How to apply to the registry office through the Internet? Tips and Tricks

Are you going to enter into a legal marriage? Congratulations! But first you need to apply. When and how to apply to the registry office? With a standard application, this is done at least one, at most two months before the official date.

apply to the registry office via the Internet
True, there are such Palaces of Weddings, which applications take in advance for the entire season. As a rule, this happens in large cities, where queues for solemn registration are being built.

There are situations where future newlywedswork or study in another city, and the wedding is planned in their native area. And there is not always time for a trip home, in time to appoint the coveted date. In such cases, you can drop the application to the registrar through the Internet. And you can do this three months before the wedding day.

How to apply to the registry office through the Internet?

how to apply to the registry office via the Internet

So, you agreed on the date of the celebration,it remains to apply to the registry office. Through the Internet, this is done simply. You can find the official website of the registry office of your region. There, find - "Electronic services" → "Reserving time and dates of marriage". From there, you will go smoothly to the portal of state services of your region. You can immediately find your regional government services portal. On the website of public services you need to register. You need e-mail and SNILS for registration, on some sites will require a phone number. Go through the whole procedure, make the necessary confirmation, and you will be given either a ready password or a code in order to enter your personal cabinet.

how to apply

Registration was successful, you can go tosection "Electronic services" → "Application for marriage". Fill in the form provided. What does this procedure include? First, you can choose a particular registry office or cultural institution. Secondly, you choose the date and time of the celebration. Well, the date when you will apply for a wedding in the selected body of the registry office. When you confirm the reserved time, a notification tab will open before you. This notice should be printed, as it may be required when submitting an application. Although this is of a recommendatory nature, but in some offices of the registry office such notification will be required. All information about your application will be displayed in your personal account on the website of public services.

Now you can safely wait for the date in whichyou need to apply to the registry office. Through the Internet, everything is already done. You must apply personally on the appointed day. You must have the following documents with you: two passports, a receipt for the paid state duty, permission to marry (to whom from 16 to 18 years), certificate of divorce (for previously married).

marriage registration

If someone can not come for filingapplication, it is provided for the formulation of individual applications. Only the signature of the person who does not show up must be notarized. Still need to know that the reserved time and date of the celebration can not be transferred to other persons and are not transferred to another date. And if you do not file an application on the appointed day, the reserved time will be lost. And you will have to file an application in the general order. That seems to be all the necessary information. Now you have an idea of ​​how to simply apply to the registry office through the Internet.

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