We file for divorce: we file a claim for divorce and pay the state fee

Divorce through the courts

Unfortunately, the husband and wife live happily ever aftermost often only in fairy tales. In life, everything is quite different: now almost every second official marriage is disintegrating. The reasons for divorce are varied, however, each family has its own. And quite often divorce is a difficult life period,

accompanied by heated emotions, family conflicts, tears, accusations, etc. If you can not register a marriage without your consent, then it's quite real to start a divorce process.

To dissolve a marriage most often comenot apply to the registry office - they dissolve the marriage only by mutual consent of those spouses who do not have joint children under the age of 18. All other married couples have a direct road to the court, where it will be necessary to send the relevant statement of claim - in person, by mail or through an official representative.

To ensure that the case is not delayed and your application is not returned back, first of all it is necessary to draw up a correct divorce suit - sample of this document with multivariate conditionsyou can find in the online service FreshDoc. Having indicated your conditions of the current situation, you can quickly and easily compile and download in the format you need, a statement of claim that meets all regulatory requirements.

In the claim, you should write down such information:

  • The presence of children with a spouse who are less than 18 years of age;

  • The presence of refusal or evasion of your spouse from divorce in the registry office;

  • The need to identify the places where children live;

  • The need to collect alimony - for children and / or yourself;

  • The need to divide the property (a list of the property is provided).

Just in court with you will require his copy,the original of the document on the marriage, the confirmation of the paid state duty and a copy of the birth certificate of your common children. Do not forget to prepare these documents in advance!

How much is divorce

Any act of civil registration - whether it's a wedding or a divorce, requires payment in favor of the state. Moreover, registration of marriage is cheaper, rather than its dissolution:

  • If the divorce occurs at the mutual desire of the husband and wife in the Registry Office, then each of them will have to pay out 650 rubles each;

  • If the divorce occurs on the basis of the filed action for divorce then, too, will be 650 rubles - they must be paid by both spouses;

  • If one of the spouses is officially absent absent, incompetent or serving a sentence of more than 3 years, the state duty will be 350 rubles.

Paying the state fee, do not lose a receipt or a receipt about this payment - this document will be required for you both in the registry office and in court.

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