Taxi license - features of obtaining

From the beginning of this year, in accordance withthe current legislation introduced administrative liability if there is no license for a taxi, as well as for violating the established rules for the carriage of luggage and passengers for passenger taxis.

The license for a taxi is given individuallybusinessmen, as well as legal entities, therefore if you wish to engage in this type of activity, you will need to register as an IP or a legal entity, only after that you will issue this license.

After writing the application and filing all the necessary documents, you are given a license for a taxi, for a period of not less than 5 years.

If you are an individual entrepreneur, then to obtain permission to carry out this type of activity, you must submit the following documents:

- your certificate of registration as an individual entrepreneur;

- there must be a copy of the extract from the EGRIP;

- a document from the statistics office;

- A certificate that confirms that you do not have tax arrears, it is issued by the IFN;

- documents that confirm the presence of a car in your property;

- it is also necessary to concludecontract with an organization that has the right to conduct medical examinations before the voyages, which is provided together with a copy of the license for this type of activity.

If you are an individual entrepreneur and work on a single tax, then a taxi ticket is not needed, in the ticket for the technical inspection of the car, the "taxi" mark is placed.

If a taxi license is issued for LLC, it is necessary to have such documents:

- a copy of the document confirming that you are a legal entity;

- a copy of the document on registration with the tax service;

- a copy of the company's charter;

- in the presence of a memorandum of association, it is also necessary to provide a copy of it;

- a copy of the minutes or decisions on the establishment of the LLC;

- a copy of the protocol at which the head was elected;

- a copy of the order appointing and assuming the position of the head of the LLC;

- there must also be an extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and Rosstat, or rather their copies;

- A certificate stating that you do not have tax arrears;

- documents on the availability of vehicles;

- a copy of the lease contract for the place where the parking lot will be located;

- a copy of the contract with the organization that will conduct a survey of drivers before the release on the line;

- copies of documents of drivers, as well as coupons of technical inspection by transport.

All of the above copies of documents must be the responsible person and the seal of the LLC.

With drivers who work in the organization that provides services for the transportation of passengers and luggage, is a labor contract taxi.

In the car in a conspicuous place while workingthere should be information about the carrier that provides the services, the payment terms are specified, there should be a visiting card with data and a photograph of the driver and information about the supervising organization where the customer, in case of conflict situations, can apply.

In a passenger taxi in a mandatory order shouldthere is a "taxi" identification sign and a color scheme that is affixed to the car body. Also, at the first request of the passenger, the driver must provide a license for the performance of passenger traffic.

Each car must have a taximeter, andthe said vehicle is inspected every six months. For a driver who wants to work in a taxi, you need to have a general driving experience of more than 5 years, if there are documents confirming the experience, then at least 3 years.

The duties of the taxi owner include a high-qualityrepair and maintenance of the car, conducting maintenance before each departure for work, ensuring the passage of drivers daily medical examination.

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