When to apply to the registry office so that you do not have to marry at an inconvenient time

when to apply to the registry office
Many couples who decided to tie their destinies in bondsmarriage, do not know when to apply to the registrar and what is needed for this. In fact, now there are so many opportunities to not only simplify the process of filing documents, but also make it convenient to reserve the desired date and time for the solemn procedure of marriage or painting in a simplified manner - without guests and a lavish celebration.

In Russia, there are various rules that depend on thefrom the concrete Palace of the marriage, establishing, for how many it is possible to file an application with the registry office. On average, all the necessary documents must be included one month before the solemn date. This is how much and no less must pass between the moment of transfer of papers and the official conclusion of marriage.

for how much you can apply to the registry office
Of course, there are exceptions to this rule,when you can apply to the registry office and register a marriage directly in a short time. For example, if there are objective reasons that accelerate the process up to several days, necessary for consideration of the appeal. These reasons include: marriage with a serviceman or recruit, a foreign citizen, pregnancy, special health conditions and so on. In order to confirm these reasons, you should provide all the necessary information, papers, documents.

To select the desired date, not to tryfind the most convenient of the remaining, you can use the sites of public services. Now there is a special section where it is written, for how long to apply to the registry office, located at a specific address. Also there you can specify the passport data of the guests and reserve time. You can even book dates that have been deleted for several months.

for how long to apply to the registry office
Employees will be informed via email,when to apply to the registry office. It will be necessary to bring a receipt showing that the state fee was paid, as well as the passport of the bride and groom. Right in the Palace you can fill out the application on the model. In a month there will be a solemn or not (depending on the choice of the newlyweds) marriage.

But there are situations such that one of therepresentatives of the future family can not be present at the moment when applying to the registrar will already be necessary. In this case, there is a special procedure for registering such documents. Those who can not personally fill in the papers, enter data in them in their city, and then notarize their signature. With an attached document stating that this statement was genuine and was written in sound mind and sober memory, you should send the paper by mail or courier to the one who will transfer it to the Palace. The employee will register the application in the usual manner, as all the necessary formalities are met.

It should also be noted that if it was chosenmarriage without a solemn ceremony, it is not necessary for the couple to get dressed in official clothes. It is quite possible to sign in jeans and a vest: nobody will be surprised, and also will not express any disapproval. It is still necessary to agree in advance and mutually agree on the surname: will the wife take her husband's surname or vice versa, and maybe, in general, everyone will remain "with their own". No matter what decision a new family will make, it is important that it be joint and mutual.

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