How is the state registration of IP

You do not need to be someone elected toto open own business in modern Russia. In fact, it's quite easy to become an individual entrepreneur. Why should they even become? To work not for someone, but for yourself. The legislation says that citizens can engage in entrepreneurial activities without the formation of a legal entity. The only mandatory condition is the state registration of IP.

What it is? This is

state registration
an atomically complex process that not everyone canpass by yourself the first time. Do you want to do everything quickly? Ask for help from a specialist. In Moscow, you will be assisted by employees of qualified legal companies. Do you want to do everything yourself? Then be sure to find out what the register of state registration certificates is, what application it is necessary to fill, and so on. Let's consider these and other issues in more detail.

State registration of individual entrepreneurs

In principle, an individual entrepreneur canto become only in just five days - that is the time that the registration body will check all the documents submitted. State registration of IP, of course, begins with the preparation of the application. His sample can be obtained without any problems. But independent filling it can be connected with certain difficulties, however in most cases it is not so difficult to make all the data.

State registration of IP assumespayment of a special fee. You can receive the receipt in the tax service or through the Internet. The necessary details can be found on the website of the tax inspection you need.

Further it is necessary to be defined with OKVED. These are special

register of state registration certificates
Ode, with the help of which in the future anywho wants to be able to determine what type of business you are doing. Is it possible to take any? No, because in certain cases it is necessary to obtain a special license in advance. Also, do not take too many available at the time of registration, because you will have problems or unpleasant tax situations.

State registration of IP will be completed when information about a new entrepreneur

state registration
Imatel will fall into the EGRIP. Tax system? If you want to be on the "simplified", then we recommend to take care of it in advance. Did not write a statement on the transition to it - found themselves on a common taxation system.

State registration of CJSC and legal entities of other organizational and legal forms

Registering an organization is much more difficult. In this case, it will be necessary to record the decision to create, form the authorized capital, prepare the charter, as well as the memorandum of association, determine the legal address, choose OKVED codes and so on.

This process is complex and confusing. It makes no sense to try to pass it on your own, then how can you assign all the cases to someone more experienced. As a result, your time and your money will be saved.

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