Making a divorce: court or registrar?

Decoration is quite commonprocedure. Many married couples for one reason or another decide to dissolve the marriage. Where can I file a divorce? How long does the procedure last? What is the list of required documents? These are very topical issues.

divorce design

Registration of divorce through registry office

Termination of family relations can be madethrough the REGISTRY OFFICE. But there are some limitations. First, consent to divorce must be reciprocal. Secondly, the spouses should not have underage children in common.

In such cases, the divorce registration does not lasttoo long. Spouses must apply together to the registry office, preferably in the office where the marriage was registered at the time, or at the place of residence. Here you need a general statement from a couple that will attest their consent. In addition, you will need a certificate of marriage and a passport.

After submitting the application, the couple will be given a month for reflection. If after this time the desire to divorce has not disappeared, the divorce will be registered.

It is worth noting that the design of a divorce can beheld without the presence of a husband / wife, but only if one of the spouses is considered missing, deceased or information about his whereabouts is missing.

Dissolution of marriage through court


If you break the marriage relationship seeks onlyone of the spouses or in the family there are underage children, the divorce can be carried out exclusively through the court. What documents may be needed? As in the previous case, passports, a marriage certificate, and a birth certificate for a child (children) are needed. In addition, one of the spouses must draw up an application and pay a state fee.

After registering the application, the spouses are givenone to three months. Only after this, the date of the hearing is appointed. Both spouses must be present at the trial. If for any reason one of them is missing, the hearing can be postponed.

Important issues in the dissolution of marriage aredivision of property and custody of children. In cases where the spouses have agreed among themselves on who exactly will be the guardian, and also agreed on alimony and the division of property, no problems should arise - the judge will take into account all the wishes of the couple.

If the husband and wife do not have a common opinion, then the judge must listen to the arguments of both sides and only after that make a decision based on what will be better for the child.

Dissolution of marriage with a foreigner

divorce with a foreigner

Divorce with a citizen of another country can takemuch more time. Where is the design of the divorce? Where to apply? These are just the questions that interest those who decide to dissolve the marriage. To begin with, it is worth noting that the procedure is the same - through the registry office (if there are no underage children) or through the court. It does not matter in which country the application will be submitted.

Of course, everything will be much easier and faster,if both the spouse and the registry office apply. But in the event that the husband and his wife live in different countries, you can try another option.

If the application for divorce is filed in your country,then the spouse, who is a foreign citizen, can collect all the necessary documents at home. Statements, copies of passports, etc. must be notarized by a notary in another country, after which they are sent to you.

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