OPG "Kalbonovskie" from the Belgorod region

The era of the initial accumulation of capital inRussia, it would seem, has long since passed. However, to this day, from time to time, information about the current activity of this or that authority or criminal group becomes public knowledge. Not so long ago, the whole country became aware of the so-called "Kalbonov" OPG.

Story of history

The most famous to datethe crime of the gang was committed in Abkhazia in the fall of 2015. There criminals abducted a resident of Belgorod - Ruslan Proskurin, director of LLC "Orel elevator." The bandits began to demand money from the businessman. Also, among the demands of criminals was the transfer of the entrepreneur of his business into their hands. So that later the businessman did not apply to the law enforcement agencies, the Kalbonovs forced him to write a receipt that he had come to Abkhazia in order to acquire firearms and take him to Russia. Also, the businessman was forced to hold the Kalashnikov assault rifle so that his prints remained on it.

Returning home, Proskurin did not immediately decide to go to the police. However, even there he was in for a fiasco - law enforcement agencies did not consider the evidence base sufficient to initiate a criminal case.

Moreover, with the filing of police officers, the whole matteralmost turned against Proskurin himself. Thus, the senior criminal investigation officer of the Stary Oskol Dmitry Chelyadinov ordered to drive the "BMW X-6" entrepreneur to the observation deck. There, the policeman began to inspect the car, and the procedure was started from the bottom of the car. There immediately, and was discovered an ill-fated automatic.

Following this, Proskurin's lawyer and his fatherabsolutely legal grounds required the operative to return the car. However, Chelyadinov categorically refused to carry out this action, saying that the car will be returned only directly to Proskurin. According to the businessman, this again indicates that the policeman may have been tied up with the Kalbonovs.

Ruslan Proskurin, a native of Gubkin, joined theconflict with the leader of the gang Nikolai Arshinov back in 2012. As a result, he had to move to Belgorod, where he started business. However, the bandits, as it turned out, did not forget about the entrepreneur.

History of grouping

According to the information, the leader of the organized crime group is a certainNikolay Arshinov, in criminal circles better known as Kalbon. He was involved in the affairs of organized crime Belgorod in the 1990's. The criminal activity of Kalbon began with the seizure of business of Alexander Vlasov, who opened a network of points for the purchase of color. Vlasov soon disappeared without a trace, his abandoned "Land Cruiser" was found in one of the industrial zones. The entrepreneur's business was headed by a certain Shabanov, who gives the bandits half of his income. It was back in 1997.

the Calbonian

It is rumored that in the 1990s Arshinov, while in jail,crossed with gubkinskim criminal authority Victor Kurchin, nicknamed Red. Soon he hanged himself, and Kalbon was released and began a criminal career. Soon in Stary Oskol and Gubkin "Kalbonovskaya" OPG began to control almost the entire business.

It is known about the connection of the "Kalbonovs" with the presidentBelgorod federation of boxing Vladimir Tebekin. In criminal circles, this person is known by the nickname Sailor. He is considered the most influential criminal authority in the region, whose name is often mentioned in connection with murders and other crimes committed in Belgorod. Ruslan Proskurin is confident that his business was to become the property of Tebekin.

gubkin calbon op

TV help

The case of the capture of criminals moved from the deadpoint, when the story about this case was shown on the TV-Center TV channel in the author's transfer of Andrei Karaulov "The Moment of Truth". The operatives first even considered possible the presence of the media during Proskurin's visit to the police, but then they changed their mind. Nevertheless, law enforcement officials assure the public that very soon the bandits will go to jail. At the moment, the members of the "Kalbonovskie" OPG are wanted in the Belgorod region.

In the Belgorod region, the members of the Kolbonov

Continuation of a story

As of November 2016, it was known thatcriminals continue to do their dirty business. Moreover, open threats from Proskurin have already sprung up on their part. In the Internet posted a video where an unknown man accuses the businessman of making a fuss and says that the bandits of the Kalbonovskaya OPG know the whereabouts of Ruslan, hinting at the possible murder of a businessman. The end of this unpleasant history has not yet come.

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