Acceptance is an integral part of the relationship between organizations

Activities of banking and credit organizationsis directly connected with securities and various procedures, an integral part of which is such a concept as acceptance. This word has to do with a huge number of operations, but the main meaning that it carries is consent. In particular, the acceptance of payment terms. The acceptance form of payments is gaining popularity, organizations and enterprises are gradually coming to it not only in Russia, but throughout the world. This greatly simplifies the process of payment and receipt of funds, allowing you to protect yourself from undesirable consequences.

acceptance of this

Acceptance is the direct consentpayers to transfer funds for goods or services, not only within the country, but also beyond its borders. In addition to this interpretation, there is a huge number of variations of this value. In this case, we can distinguish the following varieties of the consent in question.

Varieties of acceptance


Types of acceptance



any payment request that has come to the bank in the name of the payer must be accepted or rejected by him in writing


In this form it is necessary to provide a written application only for refusing the transfer, upon confirmation of payment no documents are required


the organization gives its consent to write-off the funds before the receipt of the demand, but the direct transfer takes place only after the expiry of the acceptance period


payment is made immediately (during the operational banking day)

Acceptance is not only its four varieties! There are also its full and partial forms. It should be noted that for some payment requirements the consent of the payer is not required. So, for example, when paying for postal and telegraph services, transportation services for certain types of goods, the funds are written off automatically from the basic settlement account of the user.

acceptance of a bill

This concept can also be viewed with anotherside. For example, two organizations plan to conclude a contract. Several standard rules and procedures must be followed. So, first of all, one organization should offer another to conclude this agreement, and the second must agree. This happens in two stages. The first stage is called an offer, and the acceptance is the name of the second stage.

As was said, the concept under consideration alsois closely connected with securities. It is worth saying that most of the acceptance is used for bills of exchange or checks. This procedure is carried out exclusively within the walls of credit and financial organizations.

Such a security, as a bill, is twospecies (simple and transferable). Both options imply acceptance. Promissory notes contain the promise that the person who gave this paper, after a certain time, will pay the recipient some amount of money. At the same time, this document must contain the name of its first owner - the one who issued the security. When a bill of exchange is accepted by another person. That is, a third party listed in the paper can make a transfer of the necessary funds.

acceptance form of payment

In accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, the acceptance must always be complete and not providing for other conditions, i.e. unconditional.

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